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What? I have to update today? ...I guess I don't really have to, but our friends list has been veeerrrrry quiet, so I think I have to anyway. It's just that today has been so packed that I'm like, "But I don't wanna think hard enough to post!"

We got plenty of work done! And then I had to practice the piano! Done! But we still have to write a column and go grocery shopping. And despite the fact that neither of those should take up the rest of the day, it kind of feels like maybe they will or something. I don't know. The column might actually take a while, too. This is what we get for not thinking about the column far enough in advance. Boo.

Anyway. Let's see. We've been making progress on our Disney Reading Project! But, because the Grimms' Fairy Tale collection is very long and Pinocchio is not, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is like six hundred pages in, and Pinocchio is significantly shorter than six hundred pages (it's like 140 or something), we've both managed to skip Snow White and finish Pinocchio first.

Let's see if I can talk about it without any spoilers! *thinks* I'm not sure if I can.

We had heard several times that the original Pinocchio is much darker than the Disney film (and we believed it, because we've seen some creepy versions of Pinocchio). Most people who know anything about it delight in informing others that *gasp!* Pinocchio kills Jiminy Cricket! Oh no!!!

Thinking about it now, killing a cricket isn't something a whole lot of people think twice about these days. Unless it's Pinocchio killing Jiminy. Well, actually the cricket didn't have a name; he was just the Talking Cricket, and it's true that Pinocchio kills him. But it's not like he's killing his best friend or anything--the cricket just shows up out of nowhere and says, "Hey, you might want to try listening to Gepetto," and Pinocchio's like, "La la la la la I'm not listening!" and the cricket's like, "No, seriously," and Pinocchio's like, "Shut up, stupid bug! *kill!*" Only, he didn't even actually mean to kill him; he just threw a mallet at him. But the cricket shows up later more than once, so it wasn't even final.

That being said, I guess we can kind of see where the book could be much darker than the Disney movie, but we didn't really think of it as being very dark. Then again, there was this episode of Teen Titans that was on, and when it was over Celeste was like, "Wow, that was dark," and we were like, "Really?" And when I think about it, sure, I can see where the color schemes in that episode were dark, but the content itself seemed pretty normal. (It was one of Raven's birthday episodes, I think.)

That being the case, there is a bunch of stuff in Pinocchio that takes place at night. But there's also a bunch of stuff that takes place in the daytime! Then again, there's also more death than you might expect, but it's told in a fairy tale kind of way, and you get some strange deaths in fairy tales, too, so maybe it's not really more death than you'd expect.

Anyway! the important thing to note is that Lampwick is a nickname, and the character's real name is Romeo. That is hilarious.

The book is pretty funny itself, actually. And Pinocchio is such a brilliant portrayal of a bratty little kid. It's fun to read it and think, "Yup, I remember when my little sister did that." Or even, "Yeah, I remember when I was a punk like that." Though I think in my case, it was more like, "Yup, they talk all about that in The Cosby Show."

There are some confusing things, though. Like why was the Fairy with Sky-Blue Hair dead at first? It doesn't make any sense! Maybe it's some deep philosophical thing. We've never been so good with the deep philosophy. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for being done practicing the piano already, the brilliant test episode of Soul Eater (so hilarious), getting another kaidoku book at Square-Enix Members, having enough points to get a bonus ticket, and getting to read Pinocchio.
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