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Amazon Japan order anyone?

Today has turned out to be our last vacation day! Yay! But since it was a vacation day, we did vacation-type things. Actually we did work-type things, but not for money. See, last night we checked all our regular websites before shutting the computer down for the night, and there was nothing new to be seen! Or at least not much new, and the stuff that was new was kind of boring. So it was off to one of our less-regular websites, to see if there was anything new and exciting!

But we had just checked the Hakusensha site, so instead, despite there almost never being any updates, we checked Yukiru Sugisaki's blog. Lo and behold! there was an update! It was very brief, as most Sugisaki-sensei updates are, but it was about something called Blythe dolls? ... *checks* Yes, Blythe dolls. Apparently they're having some charity benefit or something, and for it they designed a bunch of dolls based on manga characters. Most of the dolls are based on old-school characters like Black Jack and Lupin and stuff, but one of them! is based on the main character of Yukiru Sugisaki's latest manga, Ascribe to Heaven.

And that reminded us! that we bought Ascribe to Heaven a loooooong long time ago. Maybe three months? I don't know. Maybe longer, because it came out in October. Maybe January. Whatever. Anyway. Since we both like Yukiru Sugisaki a lot, and her works are usually pretty easy to translate, we usually translate them together instead of taking turns reading them, which is why we hadn't gotten to this one yet--we kept getting distracted with other stuff, and then not wanting to spend more time at the computer.

But the timing was right to be reminded about it, so we decided to start translating it today. And it's so cute!! It's published in... something... Ours. A shounen magazine, which is pretty funny, because the heroine is so typically shoujo. I think that Yukiru Sugisaki likes to play with the idea of putting typical characters in completely a-typical settings. So this series is about a girl (we spell her name Minnie) who has no family, but she grew up listening to fairy tales, and she's always dreamed that her prince will come to save her.

She also happens to be the only human on an entire planet full of... we guess they're some kind of robot? We haven't gotten to all the exposition yet. But it's a remote planet out in the far reaches of spaces, in a universe where they've come up with the technology to travel through time and space, and humans are an endangered species. Wild.

So far, we've only really met three characters (unless you count Minnie's inner Mini), but we like them a lot. We're still waiting to learn more about the prince character! But they got all technical right around the last time we stopped, so we decided we were done for the day. And now we have actual paying work to do tomorrow, so we'll see when we get back to it.

In other completely random news... We went to order the book we need to enter that translation contest and discovered that Kinokuniya doesn't have any copies of it! Dun dun DUN! So we'll need to add it to the Amazon order we're going to make with lyschan. Speaking of which, we're making an Amazon Japan order with lyschan, and to make the shipping cost less painful, we're inviting other people to join in! Anybody want to order some books from Japan? (Of course, everyone's paying for what they order; none of us are made of money.)

But anyway! that wasn't the random news. Since we were at Kinokuniya anyway, we suddenly decided that we needed to order the rest of Kieli. (We also decided that manga will have to wait until Kou Matsuzuki's new thing comes out in a couple of weeks, in the hopes that we'll be able to splurge again.) But while we were looking through Kieli stuff, we discovered a strange thing! It wasn't the novels and it wasn't the manga... but Kinokuniya didn't have a description of it! So off we went to Amazon Japan to see if there was a description! There... wasn't for some reason. But we did find out! that there was a Kieli drama CD!!! What!? Kieli has voice actors!? Oh my goodness! Who are they!?

But Amazon wouldn't tell us, so off we went to Wikipedia! All we had to do was look up Kieli and scroll down to the character descriptions--everyone who had a voice had their actor listed! Kieli was played by Mai Nakahara, who also happened to play Rena in Higurashi. Hm. And Harvey was played by Hiroshi Isobe... and we had no idea who that was.

Fortunately, we were at Wikipedia! So we clicked on the link to the article about him. And he's in... almost nothing we're familiar with! Aww. But! he was in a ride called Storm Rider! Storm Rider!? Isn't that the one at... Yes, it is!! He's Captain Davis in the Storm Rider ride at Tokyo DisneySea!! Wow! We always wanted to know who played Captain Davis! Or at least we did for about a week after we went on Storm Rider. Or a day. Or something. But according to our own journal entry, Captain Davis's voice is pretty awesome. I'm sad I can't remember it. Ah well, we'll just have to go back to DisneySea!

(Athena points out that the smart aleck would say, "Or you could just get the CD drama," but both the CD drama and the trip to DisneySea are far enough out of our price range right now that we might as well dream big.)

Wow, that was long.

Today I'm thankful for fulfilling our life-long dream of finding out who played Captain Davis, getting to read Ascribe to Heaven, having paying work to do tomorrow, still having ice cream for later, and having another reason to go back to DisneySea.
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