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Wow, today has been another day where I feel like nothing happened. Like, what? It's almost four already? Where did the day go? But Athena finished her punch-needle project! And my piano practicing went really well!

Anyway, it's just as well that nothing happened today, because there are a few things I've been meaning to post about but not getting around to. First is Soul Eater! We figured that since we couldn't be at AX, we might as well watch some new anime! And since we were reminded of the brilliant directing in Ouran High School Host Club, we decided to watch an anime directed by the same guy (Takuya Igarashi)! So we watched Soul Eater!

The first episode was a little hard to follow, because there was a ton of stuff going on and the subtitles were hard to follow. But it seemed interesting anyway, so we persevered! And then we got to the first episode with Death the Kid, and from then on, we were hooked.

And I remember wanting to post about it, but I can't really think of anything I wanted to say except that we like it a lot, and it's the kind of series that makes us want to cosplay. Not that there's any characters in it we want to cosplay specifically--just that we like it a lot, and it has interesting costumes. It's too bad the point of the Thompson sisters is that they don't look alike. Now we'll have a harder time picking characters.

Also! I've been meaning to talk about Labyrinth of Grimm some more.

Apparently, what opening the door to truth (or whatever it's called) does is give you a bonus ending for the character whose path you opened it from. So we had to go back and get Red and Hameln's endings again, so we could see their bonus endings. They're the characters whose endings you get before you know anything about the demon lord, so basically what happens in all of the bonus endings is that their keys start glowing, and you go meet up with everyone else. You hear Wilhelm scream, you go to find him, you run into Jacob, and he's all evil and junk, and when Henrietta is convinced that he's not the old Jacob, you defeat him. After Sleeping Beauty shows up with Wilhelm. And then you get another happy ending. For real this time.

In Rapunzel's ending, Henrietta and Rapunzel open a shop where they sell magic potions, like love potions and beauty potions and stuff like that. But Rapunzel's smart--she makes it so they wear off after half an hour, so you have to buy more. And just as she's wondering how she's going to try out her new love potion, all the guys show up! And Rapunzel says it's her mission to get Henrietta a wonderful boyfriend. The end.

In Hameln's ending... come to think of it, I never mentioned Hameln's first ending. See, in Hameln's story he manages to alienate the entire party by almost raping Henrietta. But before he does anything, he yells out, "Hey Ludwig, don't you want to stop me from doing anything to your cousin!?" So you know he wasn't intending anything, and then he runs away, and Ludwig's like good riddance, but Henrietta's like, "No, we have to find him!" And then they come to the town where he led all the children off a cliff to their deaths! And they're like, "We're looking for Hameln..." and the townspeople are like, "You know him? We hate you!"

Anyway, the story was he led all the rats out of the village, but then since they didn't pay him, he killed all the children. But the real story was that the rats were evil demon rats, and they had bitten all the children, so the children turned into demons too, and the village elder asked Hameln to kill them, thus ending their suffering and protecting the rest of the village. Then Hameln left without payment on purpose so the village would hate him and not the elder, because the village still needed a leader. But! that didn't change the fact that he killed all those children, and so he has angst and figures Henrietta's going to hate him eventually anyway, so why not give her good reason to?

Then it turns out that the witch is kidnapping children again! and an evil tree was going to eat their souls! And! it was the same evil tree that ate the souls of the children five years ago (when the first incident happened), so the children were dead even before Hameln killed them. And Hameln manages to overcome his angst and destroy the tree with his beautiful singing voice (which we never got to hear, boo), because he was tied up and couldn't use his flute.

After that, despite protests from the rest of the party, who still think he's a jerk regardless of whether or not he meant to kill children or do anything to Henrietta, Henrietta goes off with Hameln, who tells the story of why he's so obsessed with money (the guy who raised him and taught him to play the flute refused to take money for his music and so when he was sick, they couldn't afford any medicine and he died), and then they get engaged and Hameln goes on tour.

So in his bonus ending! they go back on tour. But not before Red and Froggy are like, "Are you sure you want to stay with him?" Froggy especially was like, "You can come to my kingdom any time you realize the mistake you're making." But Henrietta decides that Hameln really is the one she wants to be with.

In Red's ending, Red and Henrietta go back to Red's village, where they're living very happily, but Henrietta's like, "I just have one problem. I know there are wolves around and everything, but do we really have to live in a tree house?" And then the wolf and fox come over and try to lure her down to make friends. The fox was like, "Do you want to come join me for some poisoned desserts!?" And Red yells at them to go away, and they show up again just in time to prevent Red from sneaking a kiss when Henrietta is asleep. The end.

And now we're out of ideas for getting anything else in the game, so we decided to put it down for a while, because sometimes all it takes is a little distance.

Today I'm thankful for another awesome anime from the director of Host Club (complete with Host Club voices!), Death the Kid, the yummy biscuits and honey we had for breakfast, getting to pay rent today, and the neat Tanabata event they're having at Square-Enix Members.
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