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Heart Attacker!!

I think that somehow we were lured into a false sense of security, since we've managed to get rides home from church fairly quickly over the last few weeks. Today, we weren't nearly so lucky. We even managed to catch the Relief Society president before she left, but she needed to hurry home and make brownies for Break the Fast! Oh no!

So we hung around some more, and eventually ended up going to Break the Fast, where we didn't eat anything (because we started out fast late last night), but we did bring home four pretty big slices of chocolate bundt cake and four Keebler cookies with the M&M-type candies in them.

Then finally someone offered to drive us home. On the way there, she suggested that instead of going straight home, we stop by her place instead, and help her cut out hearts. Then she realized she had accidentally given away her identity as the heart attacker! Dun dun DUN!!!

Remember when we got back from Disneyland after our birthday and our door was covered in hearts? That was her doing. We actually had already figured out that it was her, so her slip up didn't do her any harm. But since she'd already given away her identity, she figured she might as well tell us about the adventure she and her accomplice had had when heart attacking our apartment. She had dropped us off once before, so she sort of knew what our apartment looked like, but she didn't remember it enough to find it very easily. So the two of them spent like an hour and a half trying to find the right unit! We're just glad they did. That would have been awkward otherwise.

We had gone to the Heart Attacker's apartment in the past and turned down her other service project of writing letters to soldiers in the Middle East (mainly because we feel awkward enough writing letters to people we do know), so we figured this would be a good way to make up for our lameness. Plus it sounded like fun. Except for the fact that we're perfectionists, and cutting our hearts is far from an exact science. So it was a little intimidating at first, but as we got more used to it, it was okay.

So we had a great time cutting out hearts and talking. (The Heart Attacker herself didn't cut them out; she wrote on them. She had a nice long list of cheesy pick-up lines that she just copied.) And that was our miniature adventure for the day! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting home today, having a wonderful time cutting out hearts, getting to take home extra desserts and an added bonus of Hawaiian Punch from the Heart Attacker's apartment, all the amazing testimonies that were given today, and getting to help out with a project to brighten people's days.
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