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Whew, today has been something else! It started out intense, and just kept going! Sort of. It actually calmed down pretty early on, but then we were hanging out with people, and thus not updating LJ at normal times.

See (and this isn't what happened first; I'm telling it out of order for dramatic effect later), we needed to go to the bank. We weren't sure how to make this happen, because Celeste doesn't currently have a car, and all our friends who will drive us places live so far away that we didn't want to make them come all this way on a day when they may or may not already have plans. So our next best option was Sarah, and she's not always (or rather, she's almost never) too keen about giving us rides. She's actually been a pretty good sport lately, but we've had enough bad experiences to be wary about it. So I called Celeste to see if she could help us come up with a strategy to make it easier on Sarah.

Fortunately, Celeste also needed to go to the bank, and she was bored, so we decided to invite Sarah over to watch Ponyo and we could all hang out as sisters. Unfortunately, Sarah already had plans. But she agreed to take us all to the bank anyway! Yay!

We brought the Ponyo DVD along so Celeste could watch it and hopefully alleviate her boredom, but that turned out to be unnecessary. Stuff happened, and Celeste ended up coming over anyway. We also invited Leia over. It's a long story, and not mine to tell.

So we had Celeste and Leia over, and we watched Ponyo, and we had a great time just hanging out and talking, and we got pizza from Little Caesar's. There was only one thing... okay, there were two things that put a slight damper on our fun times. First, we had to do laundry, and they close our laundry rooms at ten, so we had to kick our guests out at eight.

Second, there was a little incident that happened early on in the day that we knew we would have to deal with after our guests left. And while it wasn't a bad thing--in fact it was a very good thing--it did make us very nervous.

See, since we didn't go to Anime Expo, and since one of the main things we like to do at AX is talk to the Guests of Honor, we decided we would talk to "guests of honor" on our own, via Twitter. And so! we composed a tweet to Tachibana Higuchi!

We sent it to her last night, after she greeted everyone with her morning flowers. We hadn't heard anything back from her by the time we shut down the computer for the night, but we figured she was very busy, and we were pretty pleased with ourselves for just having the guts to do it.

This morning, we didn't see anything special on our Twitter feed, but then again, we decided to stop trying to read all the tweets we missed during the night a long time ago, because when you're following people on the other side of the world, it takes a long time to catch up on all those tweets. So I signed off and started to get up to get breakfast.

Not so fast! Athena stopped me and reminded me we needed to see if anyone had tweeted at us. So we signed back in and checked the @us tweets... and there it was! Oh my goodness, there it was! A tweet at us from Higuchi-sensei!

The thought had occurred to me that if she tweeted back at us, we might need to tweet back at her again, but I ignored that thought. And now here it was! And she even asked us a question! She also said she really likes the American Gakuen Alice designs. Wow, this is so exciting! ...but scary, because what if we mess it up!? Oh no!!

Anyway. Now we have finally tweeted back at her... long, long after she replied to our tweet. Of course, we didn't find her tweet until nine hours after she sent it. And while on LJ I can be a jerk and say, "That's okay; we'll reply to that comment later," on Twitter, I worry that it needs to be immediate. But then she didn't reply to us until a few hours after we sent her ours, so it should be okay... right?

I commented to Athena that if she ever finds this and knows enough English to understand it, we'll be really embarrassed in the future, but Athena says it's okay because Hana to Yume artists right about this kind of thing all the time in their chat columns and stuff. Whew.

Today I'm thankful for getting to tweet at Higuchi-sensei, Sarah being kind enough to take us to the bank, getting to hang out with Celeste and Leia, Higuchi-sensei tweeting back at us, and being able to fit (relatively) a lot of Japanese into 140 characters.
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