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*blinkblink* Whaa~?

So we're sitting on the couch watching anime, and the phone rings. This isn't completely unheard of, but since we were watching anime, and it was almost ten o'clock, it was a little disorienting.

It was Mom. This was even more disorienting, because we hadn't spoken with Mom in approximately two weeks. Granted, most of that was our fault. What with the lease stuff added on to the playing favorites stuff and the peanut-butter squares incident, we decided it might be healthier to put some distance there.

But apparently, Steve knows a guy who's got his own translation business, and sometimes needs Japanese translators. So I think the idea is we'll e-mail them our resume, and they'll show it to the guy, and then next time he needs Japanese translators he'll audition us, and we might get some more work. This is a very, very good thing.

Still, coming from where it did, it's disorienting. Now, we're definitely not the type to turn something like that down, regardless of who's helping, especially when an import PS2 is on the line. Oh yeah, and rent and food, too. And because of the strangeness and suddenness, we had to turn off the anime *sniffle* and do something else.

It does kind of get in the way though, because I wanted to post about Infinite Ryvius and I'm afraid this post will get too long... But you can all just scroll down if you get bored, right? And I can tie it in with my sappy sappy gratitude journal thingie and make everything easier to deal with.

So anyway, I'm very happy that we got to watch Infinite Ryvius today, even if we had to stop after the second episode because we were freaking out. It's a series we've been curious about for a long time now, because Soichiro Hoshi is in it, and the character designs are done by Hisashi Hirai (Gundam Seed). But the guy who told us about it also told us that it's based on Lord of the Flies, and anything based on Lord of the Flies seems...not appealing. So we wanted to see it, but not spend our own money on it.

That's why I'm happy that we joined Netflix. So once we finished Someday's Dreamers, the very next thing in our queue was the first volume of Infinite Ryvius. We were talking to baranoneko about it earlier, and Athena said "We're really only interested because Hoshi-san is in it." And I'm like, "The special edition box came with a ferret plushie. How can you resist that?" "If they eat the ferret later, I can resist."

We shall see.

I'm also happy that we got to eat pizza today, because I'm always happy to eat pizza.

And I'm happy that we have the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack.

And I'm happy that we got to work on this one series for TokyoPop, but I'm sad that I'm not sure if they've announced it yet, because I want to talk about it, and because I think people might be frustrated with my forced secrecy.
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