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Tender mercies

Last night, as we were pondering our circumstances and trying to figure out how to make things better, we remembered two church-related things we'd been sort of meaning to do but forgetting. The first was to get pictures of the Savior and maybe a temple or two to put up in the apartment, and the second was to make it more of a habit to index names for Family Search. Since we didn't have anything else planned for today, that's what we started out with!

First, we got pictures. We got one of the Tokyo Temple and one of the Fukuoka Temple, because we like Japan, and we got some nice pictures of the Savior from this place. And we printed them on little 4x6 photo paper card thingies, and now we have cute little postcard-sized pictures to tape up. We used a magnet to put the one of Jesus holding a lamb up on our deadline whiteboard thing.

Then we did some name-indexing, which we plan to do every Friday, and after that, I was like, "Okay, time for things to get better!" Because I'm impatient.

But then! (a few hours later), there was a knock at the door! It was the UPS lady, and she handed me an envelope. Inside was our payments (one for each of us) from Yen Press! Yay!!! So now we don't have to use our credit card to pay rent, and we can buy groceries next week! This is so exciting!!

We also have a little bit of money to splurge with, but that's where things get tricky. The Kurodahan Press translation contest is back again, and we're excited to enter! Especially because the story's a lot a lot a lot shorter this time! So of course we need to buy the book for that (and we're so excited to have money with which to do so!), but now we have to decide how many volumes of manga to allow ourselves to buy with it! Oh no!!!

We also need to figure out what exactly we're going to do about getting our own copies of the last three volumes of I Hate You♥, because Kinokuniya can't help us with that one. That's going to make things a lot trickier, especially because we really really really want to order from CD Japan, but we can't let ourselves buy CDs until we're a little more secure in our finances. Well, we'll figure it out.

Today I'm very very thankful for getting those paychecks, having cute little postcard-sized pictures to tape up places, having the Dove chocolate peanut butter bars we got at the 99cents Only store a couple of days ago, the management being done changing our air-conditioner filter, and the neat avatar event they have going on at Square-Enix members.
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