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Kuja's kind of lavender...

Recently, our apartment became infected with flies. They weren't like swarming around or anything--just hanging out around the windows and not really doing anything except freak us out by being there. We decided to Take Action! Bam!

But we're pansies, so instead of like, getting a fly swatter or something, we decided to look up fly repellent. And we discovered that apparently flies really hate the smell of lavender. Well, that's an easy enough problem to solve--lavender's a pretty common air freshener scent. So off we went to the store this morning!

This is where things got tricky, because they had a bunch of nice-looking air freshener scents! Like some tropical breeze thing that looked like a blend of pineapple and hibiscus. Mmmm. And lavender's never been a favorite scent of ours, so when faced with the choice of pineapple-hibiscus and lavender-chamomile, we were strongly tempted to get the pineapple-hibiscus. But! we were on a mission! And the lavender-chamomile happened to already match the plug-in thingies we already had, so we wouldn't have to buy a new one! Yay!

We came home and immediately plugged in our new lavender-chamomile air freshener! And just one filled the entire apartment! Whoa! And it reminded me why lavender isn't one of my favorite scents. It doesn't really smell like anything except spiciness. It's a calm and subdued spiciness... and yet somehow also extremely potent. I'm not sure if it's activating my allergies or clearing my sinuses. But there seem to be fewer flies hanging out on the window, so we think it's working. And when the flies are gone, we might have enough money to go back to the store and get the pineapple-hibiscus scent! Yay!

And! in order to give the flies a way to escape, we left the balcony door open. Fortunately, it's not as super hot today as it has been. But the point is, Page loves it on the balcony. And Oreo likes it out there, too. So! earlier, after Oreo's dinner... he went and sat on the couch. But then! he went out on the balcony and sat a mere three inches away from Page! Whoa!

Now Page is in here with us. We don't know if she just felt like joining us or if Oreo was making her nervous. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for the store happening to have the scent we need in the brand we need, Oreo and Page sitting three inches from each other!, finding a way to get rid of flies that doesn't involve fly swatters or fumigators, the cute dolphin picture on our calendar for July, and remembering our brand of air freshener correctly so we didn't end up having to go back to the store for a warmer.
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