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Cat on a hot concrete balcony

Aarrrrgh it's hot today!

Actually, it's not as hot as it was yesterday, but I wanted to bring up the heat anyway because we actually turned off our air conditioner! Yes, that's right! It was like 95 degrees outside (and counting) and we turned off the air conditioner! What were we we thinking!?

We were thinking, "If this crazy cat is going to insist on going outside, and we don't want to lock her out in the heat, then we don't want to pay to air condition the whole great outdoors." See, Page is kind of crazy. She likes to go outside on the balcony. So when Athena opened the door to escort some flies outside, she took the opportunity to go outside, too!

She chilled (or I guess did the opposite of chilling) for a while, and then realized that she didn't really want to be outside anyway. But she refused to give up the option! She sat inside, with just her rear end outside the door. When I commented on that, she decided to prove me wrong and come all the way inside, so I was like, "Hey, now I can close the door!" So I got up to close the door... and she raced outside it! She's funny.

I think that's when Oreo decided he wanted to see what was going on. It's always funny, because Oreo will walk up to where he wanted to go, and Page, who is busy daydreaming or something, so she doesn't notice him for a while. When she inevitably realizes he's close by, she'll start meowing in a whiny fashion. It's so cute.

We have since brought both cats inside, and the air conditioner is back on.

In other news, we had a short outing today. Ponyo, who is Athena's visiting teaching companion, came over with her brother, because Athena and Ponyo have been having a really hard time getting a hold of two of the girls they teach, so they decided to do a cookie blitz! So Ponyo brought some Nestle's cookie dough, we baked the cookies, and then it was off to deliver them! And due to lack of proper forethought, we ended up borrowing paper plates from the first girl we visited. Eh heh.

Then, because we didn't realize when using Mapquest that the one girl actually lives in a neighboring city, we ended up not finding her house and dividing her cookies amongst the four of us. And then the other girl actually didn't live at the address we had. It was her parents' address, but her brother was there, and he promised to deliver the cookies. (He didn't know her real address.)

And now we're home and it's hot and we're tired. But we finally found Rapunzel's path in Labyrinth of Grimm, so that's exciting. Plus we get to sleep in tomorrow! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for both cats being inside, finally finally finally finding Rapunzel's path, getting to eat extra cookies, getting to sleep in tomorrow, and having enough milk so that we don't have to go out into the heat until tomorrow when they're predicting it will be cooler.
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