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Today has been a little bit strange! WooooooOOOOOOooooohhhh! Part of the problem seems to be that Oreo is grumpy. This may or may not be why Page has been taking refuge in our workspace all day. It's not uncommon for her to do that, actually, but today she seems to be extra bored or edgy or something, because she was getting all interrupty. Or maybe it seems like she was extra interrupty because she hasn't been like that in a while. Or maybe I just assume it's extra when she lies down on the keyboard. Anyway, we finally finished work and could play with her, but now she doesn't seem interested. Cats are weird like that.

But what's even weirder is the stuff going on in Happy Cafe. It's all like, what?

So we're working on Happy Cafe, and suddenly all these characters started coming out of the woodwork! And the only character we were familiar with was Uru! And they're all talking about the school festival, which sent off alarm bells in my head. It took me a while to figure out why, and then I remembered all the signage that goes on at school festivals. But anyway, suddenly the story was about the school festival and a bunch of characters who aren't related to Bonheur at all!

But then they went back to Bonheur, and that was a relief. And then! then! there was Plot! Like oh my goodness this is intense! kind of plot!

And then they were like, just kidding! back to the school festival. And then they resolved the one problem, but what the heck!? there are still twenty pages left in this chapter! And then suddenly it turned into Gakuen Babysitters, and we just don't know what's what anymore. It's all like some kind of crazy dream! But at least it's still adorable.

Anyway, when the last CD ended, signaling the end of our work day, we only had eleven pages left in the whole book, but what with all the weirding out and the spike in text density, and it being hot, and us being tired of trying to sit up straight, we were like no! No more!

Happy Cafe has been a little dangerous for us to translate, anyway. I mean, it's usually dangerous for us to translate anything involving yummy-looking desserts, but when they start talking about peanut butter cookies...

Actually, we might have gotten back to it after a break, but we actually have Plans tonight all of a sudden, to we decided not to push our luck time-wise. One of the Relief Society counselors called and invited us to her place to watch Toy Story! Toy Story's not our favorite movie ever, but we like it well enough, so this should be fun.

Today I'm thankful for the construction work not being headache-inducingly loud this morning, getting invited to watch Toy Story (we're guessing the first one, but we didn't ask for details), Skittles helping us while away the time while we tried and failed yet again to find new scenes in Labyrinth of Grimm (next we're going to see if we can at least get Red's sad ending), having time to practice the piano before our Plans, and having Page accompany us at work today.
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