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Kitty miracle!

When it gets to be hot in the summer, it's not unusual for cats to steal Athena's chair. They don't like my chair, because I tend to keep a blanket on it. The blankets Athena uses tend to be slippery, so they "decorate" the floor underneath it. But they're also softer, so the cats tend to like them better. In fact, the blanket under Athena's chair right now is one of Page's favorite places to sleep, even in the summer heat.

That leads me to something that happened today that is very unusual. We came back to our room after doing some stuff, and there was Oreo on Athena's chair. There, also, was Page, right under Athena's chair! They were super close to each other, and neither of them seemed to care! In fact, Page even batted at Oreo's tail a little bit! And he didn't even open his mouth to meow at her!

Unfortunately, the peace didn't last. Soon after the discovery, it was dinner time for kitties, and it was back to Oreo keeping watch by Athena's feet while Page danced around trying to get at things and avoid Oreo at the same time. There was meowing, but at least there was no hissing.

In other news, we're still having a hard time finding new material in Labyrinth of Grimm. We did manage to get a new bad ending, though! Remember when Ludwig tells Henrietta that he'll distract Jacob while she helps everyone else escape, here take my key I'll be dead right behind you? The first time he did that, of course we were like, "Are you kidding? We can read strike-through! Not a chance!" (They give you the option of taking the key or not. There's also not really any strike-through, but it's pretty obvious.)

Well, this time, since there still wasn't any sign of anything new happening, we decided to take the key and see what happened. So you save everyone while Ludwig is fighting, and they're all getting ready to leave, and Henrietta's like, "No! We have to wait for Ludwig!" and Hameln and Frog Prince are like, "Uh, about that..." and Henrietta's like, "Oh no! We have to help him!"

So you race back to help him... and he's dead. It was pretty intense, too, because Henrietta's narration was like, "I prayed for him to be alive, but he was in such bad shape it seemed more merciful to pray for his eternal slumber." And the demon lord's like, "Sorry, that's what you get for being weak and stupid," and Henrietta takes Ludwig's sword and she's like, "Nothing will bring him back! I can at least kill you!" And the demon lord easily dodges her sword thrust and says, "You know what? You should just live in darkness for a hundred years." And everything goes black and it's game over. The end.

That was a little unsatisfying, so we accepted the key to see if we could still, like, not have Jacob drink the poisoned wine or something, but no such luck. We got the same Ludwig ending we got before (which is very cute, but we skipped over it anyway). That was even more unsatisfying, so we watched an episode of Vampire Knight... which was also very unsatisfying. Sheesh, if this keeps up, we may ditch everything for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 or something. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for the kitties getting close to each other today, finishing our column a little earlier than expected, getting a contract from TokyoPop, getting to work on Happy Cafe tomorrow, and finally getting to see Ponyo in Japanese.
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