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Despite leaving off of work at a very suspenseful part of Negima! 29 on Friday, we decided to take the day off. We had some chores we needed to do, and we took care of some financial things like canceling Mimsy's wellness plan (I know it's late, but it wasn't something we really wanted to think about). We also spent some time on the internet, seeing if we could figure out how best to send our resume to Disney in the hopes of maybe, just maybe, being allowed to translate something for The Borrowers movie that Ghibli's making. We made a tiny bit of progress, I think, maybe.

For a random change of subject, thanks to Twitter, we were linked to a blog entry about scanslations and we liked it so much we thought we'd share. It can be a little brutal, but... hey, what's that!?

This morning there were a ton of bees outside our window. Okay, so there weren't literally a ton, but there were a bunch. We thought maybe they had built a hive in the middle of the night or something, but when we went outside and checked out where they were hovering, there was nothing really hive-like in sight. There were holes and cracks in some of the wood, so maybe they built something in there, but they seem to have disappeared now. It's kind of strange. We did report it to the management, just in case.

Today I'm thankful for all the bees being outside and not inside, getting to go grocery shopping today, Tachibana Higuchi beginning her mornings by tweeting "Good morning! Have some flowers!" and posting a picture from her garden, getting Ponyo in the mail today, and still having cookie dough for our chocolate fixes.
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