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We're late!

Aha! We almost missed posting today! Only not really, because we still have two hours left in the day. We went to the temple today, and we left at our normal posting time. I did think about posting earlier, but we were hooked on Negima!. The chapters we're working on now are just so adorable. Ken Akamatsu really has some great characterization. Natsumi is such a girl.

That being said... I'm not sure what else to talk about. Yesterday I meant to post about Gakuen Babysitters, but then AX gave us a nervous breakdown. And now we just got out of defeating the demon lord yet again, and since it was the third time playing through nearly the same scene, I'm kind of zoned out.

I actually finished reading Gakuen Babysitters like a week or so ago, and Athena finished reading it a while before that. I'm trying to think what there was to talk about. According to Hari Tokeino, the sole purpose of the series is to be adorable, and it definitely succeeds at that. All the characters are named after animals! Ken Saitou did that in Oh! My Brother, but in that series, they only had one animal in their names. In this one, any name that can have an animal, will have an animal.

The main character's little brother (I guess he's a main character, too, but he doesn't talk much, so I kind of relegate him to side character) has a name with tiger in it, so he has a bunch of tiger-themed clothes, and it's sooooooo cute! He also has shoes that squeak!

But I think my favorite of the little ones is Taka. He always takes the lead in doing stuff, and it's usually stuff that involves, like, being power rangers or something. His family's really funny, too... and thinking about it, the humor around Taka and his family usually involves the main character freaking out because Taka's brother has no problem just smacking him. So I don't know what it says about us that we're amused at violence toward small children... But they don't hit him hard enough to do any damage, so I think it's okay. Athena suggests that hitting Taka is symbolic of violence towards immaturity, and it's true that when people are being immature, we kind of want to smack them, too.

Aaanyway. It's adorable. The end.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple today, not getting headaches at Disneyland on Monday despite severe exhaustion, Gakuen Babysitters, not spilling all the butter in the butter incident this afternoon, and adorable Kotaro/Natsumi scenes in Negima!.
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