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Recently, we had been coming to terms with the fact that we're not likely to get to go to Anime Expo this year. We consoled ourselves by pointing out all the shiny things that cost less than a hotel for Anime Expo that we'd be able to afford should we choose not to go--manga, CDs, DVDs, video games... We wouldn't buy that many, which is why we would still be able to afford them. And we'd be much more able to renew our annual passes to Disneyland.

All of this was looking to make things alright, even though I had delusions of getting Katsuyuki Konishi to draw a picture for us to use as a Twitter icon, like he did for some other voice actors. But then there was today.

Today they announced Masakazu Morita as a guest of honor. Come to think of it, he's not really even in that many things that we like, but we like him as a voice actor and motion capture model very very much. And there are so many things we'd like to ask him! (Most of which go like, "Did you do the motion modeling for this character?" but still.) Plus he was in Gundam Seed Destiny, and we actually have Gundam Seed Destiny costumes! We have to adjust them a little for modesty purposes, but that won't be hard!

Oh, if only we could get our check from the company that won't be named but will be strongly hinted at... It's just so ironic that they haven't paid us, because their name sounds like they print their own money... Sigh...

Of course, if we don't get that check, we'll have to borrow money for rent, unless Del Rey pays us really really fast for Negima!? neo. Incidentally, we just finished that book and it's the last one of the series! Those tend to spring up on us a lot. With minima!, too, we got volume four, and it was like, "Last volume!" and we were like, "What!?" Hopefully this means we can get a new series! That would be exciting!

So now we're working on Negima! proper, and we're really liking it a lot, except that I'm coming up against the biggest problem we have with scans and popular titles. Akamatsu hinted at what happens in this volume, and we're like, "Oh, yay! That's so exciting! We're excited! And I bet all the fans will be excited to read it, too!" And then we remember that they already have, and we start to wonder what the point of it all is anymore. It really is kind of depressing. We can't even be like, "But at least our translations will make it more of a pleasant read!" because it really feels like most people don't notice either way. All they seem to notice is how many words are still left in Japanese. Sssiiiiggghhhh.

On the bright side, it really is very exciting, and at least we're entertained! Plus, all the Negima fans we know will buy the book, even if they have already read it, so we're very thankful to them for helping to keep us employed.

Today I'm thankful for exciting developments in the volume of Negima! we're working on, Mom driving us down to SoCal on Monday (how could I keep forgetting to mention that!?), having yummy cookies to eat later, Page being kind enough to try to give us a little 3-D effect by reaching out from on top of the monitor, and Sengoku Basara being available to watch on the FUNimation website in case we ever decide to actually watch it.
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