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The good news is Mom's going to SoCal on Monday after all, so we can go to Disneyland without having to buy train tickets! Yay! This is especially good to hear after seeing how much the train would cost (not really all that much, but more than we care to spend in our current financial situation). The bad news is that our brilliant plans to get preferred seating for World of Color keep being thwarted. We're still working on that one; we're sure it will be fine. If only they would let us go to Ariel's Grotto just for dessert or something...

That's really all the news we have, except for the fact that we need to seriously consider skipping Anime Expo this year--the one year they have four different voice actors that we've actually heard (though we haven't heard Eri Kitamura very much). We're still persistently sticking to the possibility of going, but we're going to have to sit down sometime soon and do some math.

I guess now's as good a time as any to discuss the Frog Prince.

Let's see... we actually finished his storyline a couple of days ago and have been very preoccupied, so this might be difficult. Right, we were about to go save the one town from being destroyed. There's a big fight with Jacob and Wilhelm, and then Henrietta goes unconscious where she has the dream about all the original versions of the fairy tales. She's always rescued by whoever she's closest to at that point in the game, and this time! it was the Frog Prince! Tadah!

So he's like, "Hey wake up!" and she's like "But you all hate me because I got you wrapped up in all this! I don't want to wake up!" So he's like, "Okay, I'll kiss you and you'll awaken from this nightmare and your crazy delusions!" But she just dreamed about all the creepy princes in the original versions of the fairy tales (probably portrayed in a slightly extra creepy way for this game), so she's like, "No, I don't want to kiss a prince! I'm afraid!" And he's like, "Oh, that's okay. I won't kiss you; I'll wait until you're ready. And I won't kiss anyone else, either, I promise." And then he changes back into a frog, and the dream demon (he's in all the dreams) is like, "Awesome, now he'll be a frog forever, so he'll never be able to cheat on you!" And Henrietta secretly thinks, "Hmm, he has a point."

And then Henrietta manages to wake up, and they're like, "Okay, time to get out of this town that's burning to the ground!" And all the people are running like, "Aaaaahhh!!! Run away!!!" and "Hey, stupid frog, get out of the way!" and they're all trampling him and stuff, and Henrietta's like, "I could change him back! But I'm afraid to kiss him!" and Sleeping Beauty shows up and she's like, "Why aren't you kissing him, stupid!? Don't you love him!?" and Henrietta's like, "Uh..." and Sleeping Beauty's like, "Fine, he doesn't have to kiss you!" and he's like, "No, I promised I wouldn't kiss anyone else," and she's like, "Argh, fine! Let's get out of here!"

So they manage to escape and they get close to the demon castle, and decide to get some rest before fighting the demon lord. And Henrietta can't sleep, so the Frog Prince takes her out on a walk along the beach. She notices him avoiding the waves, and he explains that as a frog, the salt water actually hurts him. Then he says, "But if you carry me, I won't have to worry about it," so she picks him up... and he kisses her! That jerk! He promised to wait! Aww, but that's okay; she was being stupid anyway. And Henrietta was like, "But you promised you'd wait!" And he's like, "Sorry; I just couldn't bear waiting any longer."

I forgot to mention before (I think) that he proposed to Henrietta right after saving his father, but he didn't want to hear her answer until they were done fighting the demon lord. Only now he changed his mind again, the punk! And he gives her his grandmother's wedding ring and says, "So even if I die in this battle, you'll still have proof that you're the woman I love." And Henrietta's like, "But you can't die!" And he's like, "Okay, I promise." And we're like, "Oh, like how you promised you wouldn't kiss her until she's ready? You're going to die, aren't you? You stupid stupid jerk! That's okay, all the other guys died, too. Whatever. Unless you're gonna be a smart-guy and die for real! No! You stupid stupid jerk!"

And then they kissed again, because Henrietta really does love him, and then they caught Sleeping Beauty spying on them. For a sleeping beauty, she doesn't seem to get a whole lot of sleep. I guess the hundred years were more than enough. Anyway, just like with the Thorn Prince's story, she starts attacking them, and then the guy that put her to sleep shows up and captures her, so they have to go to the demon lord's castle to save her.

Then they go and save her, with the help of the Frog Prince's servant, who volunteered to serve the demon lord for some reason that I don't remember, but it was really so that he could still be a good guy. Red didn't trust him, and neither did we, but all he did was test Henrietta to see if she was really worthy to marry Frosch. And then they fought the demon lord in an intense battle, in which "Jacob" turned Henrietta into a frog, and he was all like, "I don't want to take your lives; I want to take your pride! He won't be human much longer! Then you can both be frogs and roam the earth as the pathetic creatures you are! Aaaahh ha ha ha ha ha!" (The demon lord has a great evil laugh.)

And I thought that would be a cool angsty plot point, but Frosch just put her in his pocket (since he wasn't a frog yet; he doesn't have pockets when he's a frog because his clothes disappear (a fact he does not like to think about)) and he and Wilhelm teamed up to fight the demon lord just long enough to steal the last key from him, and then, since they have the keys, all the status effects that the demon lord cast on them were removed, so Henrietta wasn't a frog any more.

Then they summon the gold dragon, but because Henrietta's reluctant to kill Jacob, the demon lord manages to burn up the book (the one Henrietta uses for summoning) before he's dead, and then he starts attacking Henrietta, but the prince gets in the way, and then she realizes she can summon without the book, and manages to defeat the demon lord completely (also killing Wilhelm, who had to hold the demon lord down). And Henrietta's like, "I just lost everything... except my prince!" She looks at her prince, "No! You can't die!"

Incidentally, that last paragraph is also in the Thorn Prince's story; it's just a different prince is all. In the Thorn Prince version, he lies there for a while before the thorns making up his body wilt away like they normally do, but in this version Henrietta finally remembers that Rapunzel knows healing magic. Sheesh, that's a fact they really need to stop forgetting. And with Brunhilde's help, Rapunzel is able to heal Frosch! Yay!

Then Henrietta's all angsty because she's not sure she's fit to marry a prince, and of course Frosch is like an idol, so all the girls in the kingdom love him and are very catty and spiteful. But he assures Henrietta that she's the one he loves, because she loved him even when he was an ugly frog, and she's the one he wants to spend his life with. Awwww! So he trains her to be a princess, and three years later they finally get married.

And Sleeping Beauty is like, "Now I need to find a prince!" and Hameln was like, "How about me?" and she's like, "You're past your prime, oldie!" and he's like, "Hey, you're over a hundred!" and she's like, "I'll always be seventeen in my heart!" (Incidentally, Hameln is only twenty-one.) (Also incidentally, that paragraph happened before Henrietta's three years of training and keeping Frosch away from all the other girls who were after him.)

Today I'm thankful for our friend being kind enough to drive us to the bank, having money in the bank, being able to get down to SoCal on Monday, non-evil Fate and his charming princeliness, and having quarters to do laundry with.
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