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We finished reformatting 10 Hate! Tadah! Now we have to decide if we're ready to share it with people, or if we should wait until July 1. There's still time--CMX may not actually disappear!! In the meantime, there was some stuff in that volume that reminded me how much I like Chizuru, and that we should see about translating the other Akiyoshi stuff. But due to an accidental ordering of Ponyo (we tried to stop it! we just didn't make it in time...), we have a renewed sense of our lack of funds, and that tends to drive down morale, which makes it difficult to work on stuff, especially when it can't earn us any money. On the other hand, what else are we going to do with our time? (Actually, plenty.)

On the bright side, we're getting Ponyo!

In Labyrinth of Grimm news, we finally got back on track with the Frog Prince.

We actually weren't sure what we wanted to do in Labyrinth of Grimm, but the game decided for us. We tried a bunch of things and kept getting bad endings until we found ourselves on the Frog Prince's storyline again (only this time, we went through Snow White's story instead of Cinderella's). (Actually, we could have gotten Ludwig's ending again, but much as we love Ludwig, we didn't want to just skip through a bunch of chapters, which is what we would have done instead of enjoying the story.)

So anyway, we got to the place in the story where Henrietta dreams about the Demon Lord destroying the town, and the dream demon shows up again, and instead of the Thorn Prince (like last time), he's the Frog Prince. Incidentally, in this dream, the dream demon tries the romantic angle as well as the family angle, because first he shows up as Wilhelm, rescuing her from the fire as the town burns, then he turns into whoever she's most in love with, and then, when you reject him, he turns back into Jacob and Wilhelm. That's when the real version of the romantic interest shows up.

The Frog Prince seemed a little extra upset to see them. We figured that, since he knows that the dream demon shows up as his victim's ideal person, he was unreasonably jealous (but just a little) that it wasn't him. Henrietta explains that Jacob and Wilhelm are the brothers (actually cousins, but she calls them Onii-san, so) she's been searching for all this time, and they're usually much nicer than in the dream, because that was just the dream demon trying to do whatever it was he was trying to do. It keeps getting brought up, and she keeps insisting that they're much nicer, and the Frog Prince keeps saying, "I believe you!" in that way that makes you think he's trying really hard to believe her but is having a hard time doing so.

Then we remembered: it was the Demon Lord that turned the prince into a frog. He saw Jacob and Wilhelm and wondered why the Demon Lord would be showing up in Henrietta's dream! Awww, poor froggy.

The party moves on, looking for clues to find the last key so they can defeat the Demon Lord, and they end up at the Frog Prince's kingdom. Of course no one believes he's the prince, so they have to sneak into the castle, and Henrietta gets caught, and the soldiers are all like, "We serve the Demon Lord!" And Henrietta's like, "Just let me kiss you so we can prove you're the prince!" and the prince is like, "No, I can't let you!" I don't remember his reason; he was just being dumb.

So eventually the king (the prince's father) captures Henrietta. The Frog Prince (who had already had to run away because Henrietta ran into a soldier and told him that it was a poison frog and she was going to throw him away, but the soldier said, "Great, we can rub the poison on our spears for the war we're gonna go start!") found some old armor to disguise himself in and challenged the king! Well, actually, first he tried to get the king to listen, but the king was all like, "You're just a frog! What do you know!?" And the prince kept making him mad by calling him "father."

There was what we can only imagine was a pretty fantastic sword fight (no animation, all imagination), and finally the Frog Prince manages to kiss his father on the hand, thus awakening him from the spell the Demon Lord had him under. Then Henrietta is like, "I want to kiss you and prove your true identity to your father!" and the prince, who had been thinking it over and managed to convince himself he was being silly and angsty, said, "I want to kiss you, too!" Awwww! So they kissed, and the king was like, "My son!" and it was all very happy, until Sleeping Beauty showed up.

Fortunately, she was smart enough to let the happy reunion end before getting too upset. She was like, "Hey, what's the big idea!?" and Ludwig was like, "Dude, we've been telling you all this time that your prince of destiny was the frog," and she was all sad because now that she's finally found him, he's obviously in love with someone else. She said she wouldn't do anything about it, because she cares about Henrietta as a friend, but the second she saw any kind of chink in their relationship, she would be ready! In the meantime, she's extra sad, because she doesn't have a frog to take out all her frustrations on (they're not sure why, but they think that Frosch is staying in human form longer because he's in love with the last person he kissed).

And next time we play, it's off to fight the Demon Lord again!

Today I'm thankful for friends who are willing to drive us to the vet today (even though we canceled the appointment), stumbling back onto the Frog Prince's storyline, fun developments with ----- in 10 Hate, getting Ponyo on Blu-ray, and already having the other Akiyoshi books.
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