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Sekaichi and Aladdin

It's kind of funny to me how we manage to keep ourselves working as if we were doing work for our actual job when we don't have any work for our actual job to do. Today's project: reformatting volume ten of I Hate You More Than Anything. (That's right! I'm changing the title now that we're translating it on our own initiative!)

Anyway, seangaffney e-mailed his proof of purchase yesterday, and we figured if we didn't actually get to work on this project at some point, it would never get done. We already have a script for 10 Hate, but the format is not the one we'll be using for future translations. See, on top of all the different formats we use for the different companies we work for, we have our own format that we use for our own personal translations.

Hopefully it's not too hard to follow. chibidrunksanzo hasn't had too many problems (or at least she hasn't said anything) when using our scripts to read Saiyuki (we almost finished Reload 10, by the way; just needs touching up), but that's Saiyuki. Saiyuki doesn't have text all over the place like Sekaichi does.

Still, we got a late start today, since we were doing some crazy internet stuff this morning, so we didn't finish it. We'll probably get to work on it tomorrow, though, because we're still waiting on books. But! we're very excited because we're actually waiting on books now. Yay!

Of course, there's still the possibility of getting paperwork from TokyoPop for one of the two books that we do currently have in our possession, so that might change the schedule a bit, but I think we can still manage to finish 10 Hate by the end of the week. Heck, we could finish it tonight if we worked on it, but we have so many other things we want to do. As for anything past 10 Hate... we're waiting on books. We're also still waiting on money. We were very excited to get the "You're not going to die!" e-mail about more work, but we'll still be penny-pinching until we get a paycheck. (We do have plans to go to California Adventure to see World of Color, but nothing's final yet, we have a whole week in which to potentially get a paycheck, and we're trying to maneuver it so we spend very little money.)

In a completely random change of subject, I think our new current favorite Disney movie is officially Aladdin. We just watched it again last night, and oh my goodness it's so good! Aaaaaahhhhh!!! A couple weeks ago, we watched The Lion King, which is generally pretty fantastic, but it had been a long day, and we weren't really in a "diving into the world of a movie" frame of mind, so we ended up watching it with more of an objective attitude, and it was alright.

This occasionally happens with Disney movies. Like when we watched Beauty and the Beast at the IMAX (for the re-release in 2002), for some reason, we were like, "Wow, I don't really like this 'Belle' person." (I have no idea what we were thinking then. We can relate to Belle really well. Athena says we were probably thinking, "She's kind of a brat, what with blatantly ignoring the Beast's thing about the West Wing. Hello, he's like three times her size; even if his orders are unreasonable, she should probably follow them, just in case." But Belle, like many characters, needed to learn and grow.)

And one time we watched Hercules, and we were relating more with Meg than with Hercules, because we were really really bitter at the time, and it just made us more bitter, so we were like, "Maybe we shouldn't watch this for a while." Hercules is supposed to be one of our happy movies!

But! I don't remember that ever happening with Aladdin. Maybe we just only watch Aladdin at really good times to watch Aladdin, but wow. Of course, it probably helps that Aladdin is exactly the kind of character we always love. (He has many stupid moments too, but again, characters need to learn and grow. Plus he's adorable.) I think we have Aladdin-moe. It's not even moe about a specific trait of Aladdin's. It's just Aladdin-moe. Or maybe it's just the way Glen Keane animates male characters. The Beast, Aladdin, Tarzan... ♥♥♥

Today I'm thankful for having a copy of 10 Hate, having more work on the way, getting to watch Aladdin last night, the thing that might have been a kitty crisis not actually being a crisis (we think), and it being much easier to reformat a script than to create one from scratch.
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