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Sometimes I feel like I should say something deep and meaningful. I know it's not important to say anything deep and meaningful on LJ, but sometimes I just feel like it would be a good idea. Maybe because I was at church today. Actually, we were at church for super extra long, because we had a special Break the Fast potluck dinner, where we invited our former bishop and his wife, so we could thank them for all their hard work in the ward. (Now that he's not the bishop anymore, they go to a family ward, so we don't get to see them.)

We figured it would be silly to try to get a ride home after choir practice only to come back an hour later, so we brought some church magazines to read. One of them had this fascinating article about Christ and the culture of the Old Testament. So I thought I'd share it! Yay!

The dinner was pretty nice. Nothing really eventful, but nice. Afterward, Athena found the elder's quorum president, because she's our new ward temple coordinator, so she had to see if he had the list of all the priesthood holders who would be attending the ward temple trip on Saturday. He didn't, but he told her not to worry about it, because it was his job to make sure there were enough priesthood holders at the temple. And then, since his twin brother was standing right there, he said, "By the way, here's your new home teacher."

We talked very briefly with our new home teacher, and he assured us that he would learn to tell us apart. We assured him that it doesn't bother us that much when people don't. Gaston even admitted (last time we were at Disneyland) that he doesn't even bother trying. But new home teacher seemed pretty adamant about it, and since he's an identical twin too, it might be more important to him. That train of thought made sense, too, because those two (unlike us) specifically make sure to have different hairstyles.

That thought reminded me of Tears of a Lamb. Since it was so incredibly important to Saito that someone be able to tell them apart, even though Saito's fictional, I was like, "That's two sets of boy twins like that. Maybe it's just more important to boy twins." And as soon as I made the Tears of a Lamb connection, I wanted to punch Saito even more for ditching Rihito, because if it's so important that people be able to tell them apart, why the heck didn't he just get a different haircut for crying out loud? Ugh.

Athena suggests that maybe in Saito's case, he's kind of like us, in that it's kind of a test. If you really care, you'll be able to tell us apart eventually. We let it slide with Gaston because he's married and the woman he should be paying most attention to is his wife.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Bishop and Sister L again, the alto section being super awesome at choir today, having a real family history lesson this week (both teachers were gone last week), having reading material for when we were waiting for Break the Fast, and Mom being kind enough to buy us a giant bucket of cookie dough yesterday. This is something we're especially thankful for, because when we get low on funds (as we are now), the first thing we start to worry about is whether or not we can buy treats. And we start to think, "Oh no! When will we ever have chocolate again?" The bucket o' cookie dough will last us quite a while.
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