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The Frog Prince and others

Our schedule today has been kind of confused. Mom started taking a quilting class, and when she was complaining that Celeste and Sarah wouldn't take it with her, we pointed out that not only would we have been willing to take the class, but she had called us before the class started, and we agreed to take it with her. Now the class has already started, so it's too late to sign up, but Mom called today and asked if we wanted to get materials and she could just teach us everything she was learning.

That sounded pretty cool, but we couldn't leave right away, because first we were still asleep, and then the gardener had come over to Mom's place, and then... we didn't hear anything. So I called and apparently Mom started working on work stuff so I guess we rescheduled. And in the meantime, we don't really know what to do with ourselves anymore.

So! we watched Fairy Tail. We were going to do that anyway, actually, but now we knew we could fit it into our schedule. And! it happened to be an episode featuring Daisuke Kishio's character. The significance of this is that Daisuke Kishio plays the Frog Prince in Labyrinth of Grimm.

The Frog Prince is a character that I haven't talked about much yet. At first we just didn't care about him. I don't know if it was the frog thing (meaning he's not a pretty boy) or if it was the prince thing (meaning he's just the same old average run-of-the-mill prince). It being the prince thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a couple of reasons. First of all, whenever we hear about the possibility of a prince character showing up, we tend to perk up. And second of all, the Japanese are very good at writing charming princes, even if they do (for some bizarre reason) seem to be a dime a dozen (maybe it's all the shojo manga...).

Athena suggests that maybe his being a frog made him fade into the background while the other, more attractive characters not only took the spotlight, but came into the story sooner. So when they got to the part where Rapunzel was like, "Oooh, who do you like!?" we were like, "Well, we don't know Froggy all that well..."

His entrance was pretty funny, though. He introduces himself as a prince, and Henrietta, Ludwig, and Rapunzel start feeling sorry for him, "Poor little frog; he's probably been told that all his life." And he's like, "No, for reals! (only in a charming, princely way)" and they're like, "That's okay, we understand." Aww, poor Froggy.

You actually see his true form long before you get his ending, because somebody has to wake up Sleeping Beauty, and apparently his lips have the power of awakening. Red's reaction is, "I didn't realize you were a kissing demon!" (We think there's a better English term for that, but we don't know what it is, so we went with the literal translation.) Red's opinion seems even more valid when they find Snow White, but Henrietta forced him into that one. Anyway, kissing fair maidens is what changes Froggy back to Prince Frosch (can you guess the German word for frog?), so Sleeping Beauty instantly falls in love with him. But the effects are only temporary, and he turns back into a frog.

But Sleeping Beauty (I'll call her Rose, because it's easier to type) misses that part because she was still a little groggy from being asleep for a hundred years. All she knows is that the prince who woke her up is suddenly gone. And guess who hates frogs! (Actually, Rapunzel hates frogs, too, but she's more forgiving.) So she refuses to believe that the Frog Prince is The One, and she forces her way onto the party so she can journey in search of her prince.

So then off we go to some town where they're having a ball to find a wife for the prince. (This time. Last time, we went to Snow White's town. This game is a little unpredictable.) Rapunzel and Rose are like, "Oh, we want to go!" and Hameln's like, "I can totally get us in." So they go to the ball, and that's where Henrietta gets to dance with the Frog Prince, and he's so charming and stuff. And then gasp! a girl arrives late, in a beautiful white dress, and she's so pretty, Henrietta just knows! that she's going to be the prince's bride, so she goes to get her autograph.

The prince sees what's going on, and runs up to meet them! See, he had actually run into Henrietta in town, as she was keeping a safe distance from the girls fighting over the dresses that were on sale for the big event. He felt that she was The One, and he wanted to dance with her. Cinderella was like, "Hey, what about me?" and he was like, "Sorry, but I decided I was going to choose my dance companion from one of the girls who came on time. But thanks for coming in late, or I wouldn't have found her!" The Frog Prince doesn't seem too happy about this development (incidentally, Henrietta had kissed him on the cheek because dancing is easier in human form), and he comes to take Henrietta back, but just then Hameln shows up and says, "We gotta go! Those tickets were fake, and now the guards are after us."

So Henrietta's party all runs off, and the pass Cinderella, who was storming out because the prince had slighted her, and she was like, "Argh, I hate running in heels!" so she threw one of her glass slippers (accidentally) at Henrietta, who gets mad at her, and then she threatens to throw the other one, but Ludwig's like, "Guys, we gotta hurry! Here's a pumpkin coach I made!" and they drive away. The prince decided that if they look for the owner of the shoe, Henrietta might happen to show up, too, and of course she does, but she tells the prince she's not interested (or something; I don't remember). And Cinderella's like, "What about me? I can't stand to live in this house anymore!" and the prince is like, "Well, I don't want to marry you, but I saw how shiny you made that doorknob. You can come work as a maid at the castle," and Henrietta was like, "Oh, I hope they fall in love!"

And they all went on their merry little way. Then we stopped by a lake, where the dream demon attacked Henrietta again. Oh yeah, the dream demon attacks Henrietta in every storyline, but he disguises himself differently depending on whose storyline you're on, because he shows up as the dreamer's ideal person. This time, he was disguised as the Frog Prince, and so the real Frog Prince comes to save her (like in every version), and the dream demon turns Henrietta into a frog now! (that part's not in every version). And there's an adorable scene where, since the demon's gone, Froggy's like, "If this is your dream, it must be very beautiful. Let's take a look around." Awwwww! And then she starts to get sleepy, so he makes a little bed for her out of a flower. Awwwwwww! And then he kisses her, and she wakes up (she was already in a dream, remember?), and she's a human again, and he's a frog again. He was in human form in the dream, but when she asked him why he just dodged the question. Boo.

So then! we keep going and we get to the part where she finds out that she's the Maiden of Paradise, and she has a dream where the city is burning down, and the dream demon shows up... as the Thorn Prince!? What the!?

Oh right, I haven't explained the Thorn Prince. When we happened on Sleeping Beauty, she was asleep next to her older brother, Prince Dorn, or the Thorn Prince. Apparently he was the one who begged the twelfth fairy (or I guess wizard, in this version) to undo the thirteenth wizard's evil curse. And because he was the one who revolted, they couldn't wake him up, but because Rose has a magic whip that can control thorns and stuff, she can summon a bunch of thorns for his spirit to inhabit so he can come help them out in their quest sometimes. The first time he showed up (Rose summoned him to get that creepy frog away from her), he was totally insulting them, but in polite language, so Red was like, "Wow, he's so polite!" and Ludwig was like, "Yeah, but listen to what he's actually saying."

Anyway, the Thorn Prince helped Henrietta escape the dream, and then the dream came true and the Demon Lord came and burned down the village. Miraculously, everybody survived, and they decided to get some rest before going off to face the Demon Lord. But Henrietta and Rose couldn't sleep, so Rose was like, "I bet you want to see my brother," and Henrietta's like, "...yes *blush*" So Rose summons the Thorn Prince and then pretends to be asleep.

Then, to thank Rose, Henrietta decides to let her see the prince that she's been looking for all this time! So she goes to find Froggy, and he's like, "But she hates frogs, and I don't want to hurt her again," and Henrietta's like, "That's okay, you just need to see her in human form!" and he's like, "Um, yes, but are you going to kiss me?" and she wasn't sure what to do, because she just didn't feel right about kissing somebody right before taking them to someone else who's going to confess their love to them.

But Froggy was like, "That's okay, this will be enough," and kisses Henrietta on the hand. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! So he goes to see Rose in human form, and Rose is in shock! But before Rose gets to tell him she likes him, Froggy hears a sound! Henrietta couldn't help spying on them to see how things went. So while she's apologizing, he changes back into a frog, and now Rose is fully awake, so she's in shock again! And she's like, "But... you were in human form? Just change back, and be in human form!" And he's like, "Uh..." and Henrietta's like, "I have a bad feeling about this..." And then he explains that he changes back with a kiss. So Rose was like, "Wait a second... So who...?" and then he tells her, but by the time he gets to the, "But I only kissed her on the hand," part, her mind was in too much turmoil, and she couldn't take any more.

And then the evil wizard that put her to sleep showed up, and kidnapped her and the Thorn Prince, and they went to save them, and Henrietta found out that the Thorn Prince was in love with a different girl, back a hundred years ago, but she got married to someone else because she was just a lowly servant girl, and he's been sad about it every since. And then they fight the Demon Lord, and Jacob and Wilhelm both die again (there was hope for Wilhelm this time! he joined the party before the big battle! but he still died, boo), but in the big battle, they summoned the Thorn Prince, and he used up all his energy and went to the underworld.

So Henrietta bravely goes to get him back! This had us wondering why she couldn't just go get Jacob and Wilhelm back, too, but we guess the Thorn Prince was kind of different in that he'd been asleep for so long that he was kind of a resident of both worlds already, so he didn't technically need to be dead to go there or something? Anyway, they had a trial, because apparently the ruler of the underworld is good friends with the Thorn Prince, so he didn't want him to leave. So they had a trial to see if he deserved to go back, and the witnesses are like, "He's mean to his sister! He's mean to the people who are mean to his sister!" and there was one more count against him, but we can't remember what it was. And the judge was like, "Any objections?" and Dorn was like, "Nope. It's all true." And Henrietta was like, "But he protected his sister, and he defeated the Demon Lord and saved the world!" And Dorn was like, "Yeah, because I'm the only one allowed to be mean to my sister. And I didn't save the world; there was just this guy getting on my nerves, so I killed him, and he happened to be the Demon Lord." Henrietta was not happy about this, but he was like, "Whatever."

So the judge decided he was too dangerous to keep in the underworld, and they sent him back! Tadah! And then Henrietta fell asleep for another month from all the exhaustion, and when she woke up, Dorn said he was busy with princely matters, but when he came back in the spring, they would get engaged. Awwww! The scene after Henrietta woke up was way cute. He gave her a ring, and she was like, "How did you know my ring-size?" and he was like, "Hello, you were asleep for a month." He said it was a ring to call dibs on her, and she was like, "Oh, an engagement ring?" and he was like, "No, but you can call it that if you want." And then they got married, and Frosch came and Rose chased him all over the place. He didn't seem to be too fond of her. Maybe he'll like her better in Rose's storyline.

And they lived happily ever after. Awww. But what happened to our Frog Prince storyline? We must be missing a key item or something.

And now I'm on a big Daisuke Kishio kick, so I want to start watching Vampire Knight, but we're having a hard enough time staying caught up on the few anime titles we're already watching. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for adorable scenes with the Frog Prince, online German-English dictionaries, getting to finish indexing those name batches, having time to watch that episode of Fairy Tail, and charming prince characters.
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