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We're going to live!!

Jessica called about an hour after she said she'd get off work to let us know she hadn't forgotten us. Now we can buy food for us and the kitties and we'll all survive another few weeks or so. This is very happy.

My ankle's been itching a lot, probably because it's still healing from when I scraped it a week and a half ago. The healing process is an itchy one. There's gotta be a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

I think it's very interesting that Hazel's master died on a "beautiful moonlit night," especially because Sanzo's shishou died on a rainy night. Minekura-sensei went to the trouble of pointing out that Koumyou represents the moon, while Ukoku represents darkness. And obviously, the best way to ensure that the night will be dark and moonless is to have it be rainy. I'm sure everybody's speculating that Ni was behind Koumyou's death, but what about Hazel's master's death?

I like to think that Koumyou wouldn't be responsible for anyone's death if he could help it, so I think that the contrast might just be to say that they're on opposite sides. Maybe like the guy in Unbreakable and Mr. Glass. Man, if we had been talking to each other during that movie...

At any rate, I like symbolism, so I think it's neat that she added the contrast, whatever it may mean.

And my last thought for this post is: What would the people on What Not to Wear say about my Goku shorts?
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