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Hypoallergenic is a fun word.

Our appointment with the veterinarian yesterday did not go the way we expected. Or maybe I should say it didn't go the way we hoped. But it's true that we did not expect the way it went. And it didn't go badly, so y'know.

First of all, we didn't see Dr. G, who has been the doctor we've seen the most of over the last... long time. We saw Dr. O, who used to work at the other Banfield, and was the first non-emergency doctor to see Oreo back when he started having issues about two years ago. She told us back then that he really needs to have his teeth cleaned, and... he hasn't yet. Eheh.

The first thing she did was tell us that she wants to put him on a hypoallergenic diet. For some reason, I think the idea of a special diet for cats is kinda neat, so I liked that plan, especially since she told us that the prescription food would be fine for Page to eat, too, so we didn't have to figure out some way to keep Page at bay while feeding Oreo.

On the other hand, the hypoallergenic food is dry food, and Oreo's not a big fan of the dry food. Dr. O said we would change that, but she didn't elaborate on how. She also assures us that this particular food is designed for cats to love love love it, and that he won't ever get bored with it. We're pretty skeptical on that one, but so far he seems to like it well enough. His thoughts on what he's been given to eat today seem to be kind of like this:

"Oh, dry food. Hrm. Well, it's new, so I'll give it a shot. Hey, I really like this stuff! *munch munch munch*"

He eats his fill, then walks away. A while later, he's in the kitchen, thinking about eating, sees that there's only dry food available and decides he doesn't care enough. But then! we'll do something to get him to start eating it anyway, and then it's all, "Hey, I really like this stuff!" all over again.

Back at the vet... actually, what we were expecting was to take Oreo in, explain what had been going on, have the doctor say, "Yeah, that sounds like a flare-up. Keep him on the medicine, wean him off as appropriate, here's some medicine that's not as close to its expiration date, and bring him back in a couple of weeks."

What actually happened, after Dr. O prescribed the hypoallergenic food, was that she said she wanted to do some blood work and another test or two to make sure his organs are still functioning properly and to make sure the medicine isn't destroying his kidneys. We're really hoping the medicine isn't destroying his kidneys, but we only gave him one small dose a day for three days (before the appointment), so we're optimistic. We didn't get the test done for him, though, because it was expensive and we're not doing so well with the funds these days. We did get his blood work done, and that all came back fine! Yay!

So while the appointment didn't go the way we expected, it did turn out almost the way we expected, just with a new diet and costing more.

Then we dropped Oreo off at home and went to the $3 theater to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The movie really failed to impress, but Celeste is a big fan of the Percy Jackson books, and she insists that they're a million times better, and that's underestimating the books. She and Mom (who has also read the books) say that the movie only had about 50% of the material from the books at best (actually, Mom says 50, Celeste says 30).

Today I'm thankful for interesting new kitty diets, finally getting a chance to actually read some fairy tales, getting to finish translating the end of Saiyuki Reload, Mom and Steve being kind enough to take us to see The Lightning Thief, and Oreo liking the new food.
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