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Happy Memorial Day

Yikes, look at the time! ...Or not; I could just tell you, it's like eleven at night. Celeste had an idea to have a big barbecue for Memorial Day, so Mom and Steve prepared the food and Celeste and Sarah prepared the games, and we spent the entire afternoon at the little park area thingie close to Mom's place. We had time to update LJ hours ago, but we wanted to play Labyrinth of Grimm instead. And then that turned out to be weird, because we thought we were on the Frog Prince's path, but suddenly we were on the Thorn Prince's path. I want to know what the deal is with the Thorn Prince at some point, but the Frog Prince was being so cute! Silly game, driving us crazy like that.

Anyway, the barbecue was really fun, but I don't have a whole lot to say about it other than that. We started out being miffed about it, though, because Celeste and Sarah came to pick us up much earlier than we had anticipated, and they forgot to call and let us know we needed to get ready. So we had just sat down to do some nice, leisurely reading, when suddenly we had to race to get ready and go.

I'm not really annoyed about the lack of warning so much as the sudden interruption. We had finally gotten started on our Disney reading project. I was reading a book of Grimm's fairy tales, and Athena was reading Pinocchio, and we had barely gotten a few pages in when the phone rang and we had to stop. I hadn't even made it through the introduction! I didn't get to read a single fairy tale! Boo.

On the bright side, I did read the time-line of "the world of the Brothers Grimm," or whatever they called the time-line, and it had a really neat fact! See, since the main character in Labyrinth of Grimm is named Henrietta, and we discovered that there was a Ludwig Grimm who illustrated the fairy tales, I'd been wondering if there was also a Henrietta Grimm. As it turns out, Henriette Dorothea Grimm was a woman who contributed a lot of fairy tales to the collection (the Brothers Grimm were more compilers than authors), and she married Wilhelm Grimm.

That makes us wonder if the super happy ending in Labyrinth of Grimm comes from getting Wilhelm's ending, but we haven't figured out for sure if we can get a Wilhelm ending. We can't even figure out which prince likes Henrietta the best right now, sheesh. But anyway, if Wilhelm's ending is the super happy one, that would make us happy, because we always liked Wilhelm a lot.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a fun time at the barbecue with everyone, finding out neat stuff about the Brothers Grimm, nobody getting hurt when Page fell on Athena earlier (Page was on the top bunk, Athena was the bottom bunk, at some point Page succumbed to gravity, whether on purpose or accidentally, and...), getting to play In A Pickle, and not getting too sunburned before finally putting on some sunscreen.
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