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More Labyrinth of Grimm fangirling

The other day, lyschan pointed out that visual aids would greatly enhance our Labyrinth of Grimm fangirling. Actually, because it's a visual novel, we have to imagine a lot of the action, even when playing the game. Not only action, either. There was one scene where Henrietta was like, "Tadah! How do you like my new apron?" and she was wearing the exact same outfit she always wears. But since we did talk about character designs and stuff, we figure it would at least be polite to make sure everybody who was kind enough to read our ramblings had a chance to see who all we were rambling about.

(It would be fun to illustrate these things hyperboleandahalf-style, but... we're just too lazy.)

We tried (briefly) to figure out if we could get screen captures from the PSP on our computer, but we had no luck, so instead, we'll just link to the official website's character pages! There's no romaji, so we'll just provide links to each character's page.

Henrietta Grimm
Ludwig Grimm
Red Riding Hood
The Pied Piper (of) Hameln
The Frog Prince
Princess Brier Rose
The Brier Prince
Jacob Grimm
Wilhelm Grimm

There are two more, but those are the important ones. We also edited the last post we made about Labyrinth of Grimm to include a link to a photo we took of the PSP showing a picture of one of the big plot points we were talking about. Why the link and not the photo? That's a very good question.

Anyway, we finished up Ludwig's storyline last night, and boy was it intense. Okay, technically, we went through the really intense part two night ago, and then it was past our bedtime, so we watched the epilogue last night. But anyway.

Let's see... what happened again...? Right, Ludwig went to face the Demon Lord. First Wilhelm tried and failed to poison him, because Demon Lord was all like, "I don't feel like drinking wine tonight." Incidentally, Wilhelm is really awesome in this whole thing. We always liked him from the second his name was Wilhelm, and then he was played by Daisuke Hirakawa, and it almost only got better from there, except for the whole "I'm an evil minion" thing, but that's just because he was trying to be a good brother, and save everybody in his own way.

So while Ludwig and Wilhelm are fighting Jacob, Henrietta helped everybody escape, and she was like, "We can't leave until Ludwig gets here!" And Hameln and the Frog Prince were like, "Um... about that..." Clearly they know how to read strike-through (see last Labyrinth of Grimm post for what Ludwig told Henrietta before they parted ways). And she's like, "No, it can't be true!" and then Ludwig's key turns all dark, and she's like, "Noooooo!!" And then she decides to go back for him. And she gets there just as he's fading out of consciousness.

Speaking of the fading out of consciousness thing, that was very unfair, because Demon Lord was like, "Okay, I'm gonna kill you, Wilhelm, but for you, Ludwig, I'm going to make you live forever so you can see the world get swallowed by darkness and suffer in my dungeon for all eternity." So I was like, "Oh good, that gives Henrietta and the others plenty of time to save him!" I don't even remember how it happened, but suddenly Ludwig was dying.

So Henrietta runs up to him to hold him while he takes his last breaths, and she tells him not to die, and he starts glowing! Nooooooo! Not the sparkles!!! He's gonna die! You can't do that, game!! Nooooooooo!!!

And then the game was like, "Psych! Just kidding!" And Ludwig just changed back to his younger, non-evil form. Yay! Not dead, and no longer evil! Woohoo!

So they fight the Demon Lord some more, and he's like totally destroying everyone until Henrietta realizes that he's just lonely and he's sad because he loves Brunhilde, so she starts to be like, "Oh, I want to help you!" and that shook him up just enough to drink the stupid poisoned wine. So Demon Lord is like, "Wow, this pain really sucks; here Jacob, you deal with it," so Jacob gets to see everyone for one last time before dying a horrible, painful death, and Wilhelm is all traumatized because it was his fault.

But now Jacob has given them the last key (they couldn't steal it, because it only works if the owner consents to letting them have it, which of course Demon Lord wasn't going to do), and they got to summon the Gold Dragon, which was good because now that Jacob is dead, for some reason the poison doesn't seem to have any effect on the Demon Lord anymore (same body still), and he's decided that if he's going to die, he's going to take everyone else with him.

That's when Wilhelm decided to declare his love for Henrietta, saying to Ludwig, "She's not only yours, you know!" But he's going to stay behind and hold the Demon Lord back from getting everyone. And he's like, "Let's have a bet, Ludwig. If you can get Henrietta out of here without any rubble falling on her and killing her, you can have her. If not, I'm taking her to hell with me." Aww, Wilhelm.

And they all make it out alive (except for Jacob and Wilhelm), and everyone's excited that they won and the world is saved and stuff, and then Ludwig is suddenly very tired. He did fight the Demon Lord to the death like three times (and he lost every time), and there was one time where he had to stab himself in the arm (the one he draws with, of course, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, because you'd think he would do the stabbing with his dominant hand, and therefore stab the other one; stupid boy, giving himself angst) to break free of some spell that made it so he couldn't move. Anyway, he's tired, and his face is very pale, and his arm is still bleeding, and he goes to sleep! Noooooooo! Don't die Ludwig!!!!

And that's where we had to leave off, because it was past our bedtime.

The next part starts with Henrietta at a grave, talking about how everyone has gone off to pursue their various goals and dreams, and she wishes that the ending to her story could be happier. She imagines herself sitting around the dinner table with her family, with Jacob and Wilhelm talking or something and Ludwig... "I'm sorry, Ludwig! I've taken so much from you!!"

Aw, man, he really is dead, isn't he? What the heck, game?

"Are you still upset about me not being able to draw anymore?" Psych! Ludwig comes up and hugs Henrietta from behind, and assures her that he's not mad at her, it's not her fault, it happened too suddenly (he was too stupid to think of stabbing himself somewhere other than his dominant hand), and he's accepted it. Aww, Ludwig.

Anyway, a bunch of other stuff happens, and then Ludwig takes Henrietta out to a field where he says his magic incantation words and suddenly all these flower petals start raining down! But he's only supposed to be able to do that by drawing! Awww, apparently he's been giving himself physical therapy in the six months between this chapter and the last one. And he gives Henrietta a ring and they promise to live together, happily ever after.

...Until we start all over and choose somebody else. This is the problem with love sims.

Today I'm thankful for getting a chance to log in to Fantasy Earth Zero before they erased our characters, Oreo eating plenty of breakfast this morning (he's been picky to the point of not eating enough lately; at least, we hope it's just pickiness), sample voices at the Labyrinth of Grimm character pages (Ludwig's sample is like, "Ugh, don't talk to me." XD), finally finishing that first mission in Fantasy Earth Zero (that's what we get for shutting it off in the middle and then not playing again for a month), and finally catching up on Yumeiro Patissiere.
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