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We were totally planning to post a few pictures of Labyrinth of Grimm characters, but just as we were getting ready to edit some, Celeste called and it was time for an adventure! (Okay, technically, just as we were getting ready to edit them we remembered we wanted to fill out a survey for Disneyland, and Celeste called in the middle of that, but the point is, we got interrupted.)

It was kind of our own fault, because last time we were at Barnes & Noble, we had just paid for our book when we saw these cute little notepad thingies that come in pretty little cases with pens that attach to them. Since we've been reading all over the place about how it's a good idea to keep such notebooks in case of sudden ideas, inspiration, etc., we decided we wanted to each get one. And! last Sunday we finally got the birthday card from Mom's friend (Mom had been holding onto it but kept forgetting to give it to us) with gift cards to Cold Stone Creamery, and there's a Cold Stone right by B&N, and we needed to go grocery shopping, we thought we'd make the ordeal more interesting for the person driving us by suggesting we go to those places.

So off we went to Barnes & Noble! We got a copy of The Wind in the Willows, as part of our Disney reading project (which we still haven't started; we've been distracted by Kieli (volume two of which was on sale there!)), and Celeste! got a nook! Oh my gosh, we're so jealous! We've been wanting nooks for a long time now. That's what we get for spending all our money gallivanting off to Disneyland every couple of weeks. That's okay; for now, we'll stick to old-fashioned paper books.

But! the user instructions that are on the nook are really funny. They're like, "Since you're reading this on your nook, we figure you've already figured out how it works, so just keep doing whatever it is you're doing." And the care instructions are, "Do not put your nook in a blender unless you have a really good reason. Keep your nook away from raccoons. If a thief comes to you with a gun and says, 'Your nook or your life,' surrender your nook." Bwahaha. Celeste also got a cover for her nook that has a page from Alice in Wonderland on the front! It's really cool!

After Cold Stone (oatmeal cookie dough ice cream is really good!), we remembered there was a Domino's in the area, so we decided it was time to finally try their new pizza! So we picked up a couple of pizzas and went to Mom's house, where we showed her Celeste's nook, and she was really jealous, too. Athena and I decided that we should have a fund-raiser to pay for nooks for the rest of us, and then we could have a book club, but Mom was unresponsive. I think that means she doesn't like the idea. Sad.

Then we went grocery shopping and now we're finally home. But I also wanted to talk about Family Home Evening last night. We made birdhouses! One of the girls in charge had a bunch of birdhouse kits because her dad was in charge of some toy drive last Christmas, and somebody donated all of them, but they couldn't give them to the kids for some reason, probably because of the tools that were included or something. It was really neat to build them, but we were a little sad that the pieces didn't fit together as perfectly as we wanted them to. Ah well.

After we finished building ours, we were sitting around talking, and a guy noticed our Kingdom Hearts shirts, and we was like, "Hey, cool, Kingdom Hearts! I'm gonna play the PSP version next week!" He said it in kind of a show-off tone, which always rubs us the wrong way. We don't like people to find stuff out about our favorite things before we do, because we're selfish and immature. We usually avoid having to deal with that stuff by making sure we know everything about our favorite things first, which is good as far as not being jealous, but bad because it leads to jerky reactions like, "We already beat it!"

Immediately after I said it, I was like, "Oh no, I just showed off! I've become what I hate! Oooohhhhh noooooooo!!" The proper response would have been something more along the lines of, "That's cool! We hope you like it!" I think we managed to salvage the conversation and not come across as too show-offy, but things came to an abrupt end after he asked if he could borrow our copy and we had to sadly say no.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is a totally awesome game and we wanted everyone to play it, but we never did get our Kingdom Hearts game back from the man who shall be known as El Libro. He tried to build our confidence in him by assuring us he's going on his mission, so he's trying to be the best person he can be, which means returning what he borrows. But people forget, and we'd rather not have him forget to return our game right before leaving the country for two years. Import games are expensive to replace.

But speaking of Birth by Sleep, they got Mark Hamill and Leonard Nimoy for the English dub. How crazy is that?

Today I'm thankful for getting cute little notebooks with cute cases and pens, getting to go to Cold Stone, getting to try the new Domino's pizza (it's good, but we still prefer Pizza Hut), Celeste being kind enough to drive us around, and Sarah being kind enough to hang out with us on our adventure.
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