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Anime Expo has like a million guests this year, whoa. Last night they announced Yui Horie! She's Tohru in Fruits Basket!

...and since I don't have much else to say on that subject, it's time for some more Labyrinth of Grimm fangirling!

Apparently we stumbled onto Ludwig's storyline without realizing it. In fact, we were kind of trying to avoid it, because we had told him we didn't want to go after his canvas, because we were trying to follow Hameln's storyline, not knowing that we had destroyed all chance of that anyway by answering a question wrong. We couldn't help it! How were we supposed to know that watching the new scene that wasn't there the first time would alter the course of the entire game? ...Okay, so we probably should have been able to figure it out, but we wanted to see that scene!

Anyway. So now we're on Ludwig's storyline, and there's been a lot of cute scenes, with him being jealous of Hansel and stuff, but then he started acting weird. Henrietta went outside to think (she does that a lot), and Ludwig showed up, and he was talking kind of weird, like he was evil or something, and we were like, "He must not be the real Ludwig!" And then there were these bats, and he's like, "Ew, I don't like the looks of those bats," so he made an eagle with his special power, and the eagle started killing all the bats! And Henrietta's like, "Hey, they didn't do anything!" And he's like, "Whatever, I can't control the stuff I make," which seemed to be some indication that he wanted Henrietta's power, because she can control the stuff she summons, and she was like, "But you still made it!" and then he was like, "They might be working for the bad guy anyway," and Henrietta was like, "You don't know that!"

Then some mysterious guy that was obviously Wilhelm showed up and handed them a letter, and suddenly Ludwig was back to being normal Ludwig, without ever turning out to be fake Ludwig, which was just weird.

Following the instructions in the letter, Henrietta and Ludwig go on a creepy ship to the demon lord's castle, and when they get there, gasp!, Jacob is the demon lord! Oooohhhh nooooooo!!!! Actually, it was more like, oh gasp, I never saw that coming. Because Jacob's character design just screams, "Hey I'm evil!!" Fortunately for Henrietta, he's not really evil; just possessed. Anyway, he explains that he's going to take over the world or something, but he wants Henrietta because she was Brunhilde's last hope.

Oh yeah, Brunhilde is the goddess who was in charge of the world but started losing power because people stopped believing in her or something. I don't remember. But Henrietta is the Maiden of Paradise, which I guess means she's the one with the power to summon the Gold Dragon, which is the one thing that can defeat the demon lord, whose name I don't know how to spell.

So Ludwig's all like, "I won't let you have her!" and Wilhelm's just like, "Please just come quietly!" and Demon Lord's like, "Whatever. *kill*" And Henrietta doesn't like this whole "killing Ludwig" stuff, so she's like, "If I kill myself, he'll never get my power and the world will be saved!" And right as she's about to do that, Ludwig's like, "I'm evil now!" He seriously snapped or something, because he was like, "I have Grimm blood in me, too, and you know what that means!" And we're like, "What does it mean!? What does it mean!?"

We still don't know what it means, but Demon Lord was like, "Hey, that's cool; have some evil power," and suddenly! Ludwig's all grown up! And really sexy! And with no stupid evil feathers to detract from the new sexy evil form!

ETA: Here's a picture of sexy evil Ludwig. Incidentally, the comment about the feathers is in reference to a different character who turns evil, and not to Jacob's costume. I think whatever that is on his costume is fur, anyway.

So he helps kidnap Henrietta, and they're all a nice "happy" family, and this bat demon thing comes to report that they've kidnapped the rest of Henrietta's party, and then he's like, "Hey, Ludwig, I hate you, you killed my family (the bats from earlier), and you suck." And Demon Lord's like, "Hey, you can't say that about my brother. *kill*" And then he's like, "Hey, Ludwig, how does it feel to have someone killed for your honor?" and Ludwig's like, "It's awesome," and we're like, "Dude, you're a jerk. We hate you, Ludwig! If only you weren't so sexy now."

Henrietta visits the prisoners, and they all tell her to escape, so she tries, but Ludwig finds her, and it's still really hard watching him, because he's so pretty but the pretty comes from the evil, and that's just not right.

But then! he reveals that it's all an act! Well... sort of an act. He really doesn't care that much about the rest of the world, but he wanted to save Henrietta. Awww. You're stupid, Ludwig. But at least now everyone has a chance. Except you, you stupid stupid boy!

Then there's a scene where Henrietta tells him she needs to escape with everyone else to find a way to save the world, and Ludwig's like, "Are you sure you don't want to stay here and be happy with me forever? Are they more important to you than I am?" He goes on to say he was just joking, but it didn't really seem like a joke. Anyway, since he was "only joking," he agrees to help Henrietta and promises to hold off the Demon Lord while they escape, and he'll be "right behind them. Oh, and by the way, hold my key (the super important item that Henrietta needs in order to summon the Gold Dragon) for me while I'm doing that. But don't worry; I'll be dead right behind you." And because Henrietta's a shojo manga heroine, she decides to trust him.

And then! then! the game switches to Ludwig's perspective, and he goes to see Wilhelm, who's been trying to figure out a way to stop the Demon Lord all this time anyway. He was hoping that Jacob seeing Henrietta would break Demon Lord's hold on him, but no luck. So now they just have to kill him or something. "Please hate me," he tells Ludwig. Ludwig responds, "I can't hate you, because I was planning the same thing."

And they have a really touching scene where Ludwig explains why he wants to die for Henrietta and her friends, and the writers did a really good job of making the whole "'kay I'm gonna die now" thing seem less like, "Hey, killing off characters makes it more dramatic!" and more like, "Oh, no, Ludwig!" It really made me cry! *sniffle*

And that's where we left off last night, but we have Family Home Evening tonight, so we can't play anymore until after we get back (because if we have to leave for FHE in the middle of the climax, it would really ruin the effect). But anyway, Ludwig seems to be a lot like Usui from Maid-sama!, in that he can be kind of a jerk sometimes, and kind of creepy sometimes, but he somehow manages to have all the right traits and do all the right things to make us ♥ him anyway.

Today I'm thankful for getting to synthesize more stuff today at Square-Enix Members, finally making it past that dragon last night, making better progress on our Gakuen Alice proofread than it at first seemed like we were going to, the yummy Chex Mix we had last night, and still having some Fresh & Easy granola bars to eat.
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