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So I was going to create a poll about whether Alice in Wonderland is likely to encourage children to do drugs, but then I got annoyed with the poll-making process. Feel free to discuss here if the question piques your interest.

We're feeling a little extra silly today because we had to deal with things that terrify us. We had been procrastinating the whole "look into other ways of earning money" thing, using some train of logic that made sense to us. I don't remember what it was exactly, but the point was we didn't have to do anything until Tuesday. And today is Tuesday. Dun dun DUN!!!

The original plan was to apply to work at Disneyland, and we were all set to do that, but it was kind of freaking us out a little, what with the whole "having to find a place to live" thing. But then we remembered another option that we had from a few months back. We actually probably could have looked into it earlier, but the whole thing seemed kind of awkward, seeing as how we had tried that option and failed. So we e-mailed the person involved with that option, and apparently we haven't failed failed? Like it was a partial failure with a chance for redemption? Anyway, it was really scary to e-mail that person, even though they're very very nice, so in the meantime we've been releasing tension by being very giggly.

We still have the Disneyland plan on the back-burner, because it really would be cool to work there, even if it is basically a part-time job. But we don't want to apply right now, because that option seems very final. Like, we have a bunch of ideas of things we might like to do, but we only have the time/energy to do so many of them, and we don't want to commit to Disneyland until we check out these other options. Especially because Disneyland is always hiring, so chances of failure are a little more slim.

And while all that's going on, Anime Expo is only a month away, and we're not sure if we can afford to go right now. But when I think about not going, it makes me sad. But then if we go, we'll want new costumes, and that will take more money! We do have some pretty nice old costumes, but those costumes are drawing less and less attention these days. But at least we got a registration confirmation for one of us, so we can book a hotel... assuming they're not all booked up. At least if they are, our decision will be made for us.

Wow, this entry is vague and a little gloomy. Umm... Gakuen Alice is getting really intense! But there was also something sad, and of course I can't go into detail, so it's pretty vague.

Oh! This morning a strange and mysterious thing happened! Athena woke up eeeeeeaaaarly in the morning, and Oreo was asleep by her feet, as has been his habit lately. But! there was another cat on her elbow! And the only other cat living here is Page! Oh my goodness, how can they be in such close proximity to each other and not hissing or fighting!? It's amazing!! ...but they've been avoiding each other all day. Weird.

Today I'm thankful for e-mail writing not being as scary as it seems, it not raining when we went to the store yesterday, the strong possibility of having time to play Labyrinth of Grimm today, finally making it to the middle levels of the beginners' dungeon at Square-Enix Members, and Gakuen Alice still going at a fast pace.
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