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Page is walking backwards right now♥

Ack! Where did the time go! And why does it smell like lighter fluid in here?

Oh wait, we know the answer to both those questions. The second is because everyone (or at least most everyone) in our apartment complex looooooooves barbecue, and the weather outside is definitely nice enough to have one. I don't know how much weather becomes a factor in whether or not people have barbecues here, but I do know that time does not, since we've smelled barbecue as late as midnight.

The answer to where the time went is pretty simple, too. First we did a bunch of work. When we came home from Disneyland, there was a package on our doorstep containing volume fourteen of Gakuen Alice. I'm liking this volume for several reasons, not the least of which being the big dramatic pictures with minimal dialogue. Things are getting pretty scary for Mikan, and she doesn't even realize it! Aaaaaaaahhh!!

Then we went to the store, and then Celeste called and asked us to do something for her. We like helping Celeste well enough, but sometimes it is a little exasperating because she always wants us to do whatever it is Right Now. Today it wasn't really a problem because we were already done with work for the day and it didn't take very long, but I do hope we still have some time to go treasure hunting when we're done with this post.

Speaking of this post... Um, I think I'm done with it. Today I'm thankful for pita chips being on sale at Fresh & Easy, juice being on sale at Fresh & Easy, chocolate bars for fifty cents, big dramatic pictures with minimal dialogue in volumes of Gakuen Alice (we got more than 70 pages translated today! yay!), and ceiling fans to hopefully blow away the lighter fluid smell. Whew.
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