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Another Sunday away from home.

We had a long day at church, because today was a choir performance, which meant we needed to get to church early to practice. We started the family history class today, and the first lesson was basically "make sure you have a FamilySearch account." We already did, so we pretty much sat around and chatted.

After church, we went to Mom's place for Celeste's graduation dinner! Yay! Happy graduation! There was potato salad and mashed potatoes, because Celeste wanted the former but certain other people would only eat the latter. We ate neither, so it didn't really make a difference to us, but it's kind of funny, so I mentioned it anyway.

The other activities of the day included Mom opening up her new Minnie garden statue (she tried ordering it online, but we ended up picking it up for her at Disneyland) and placing it in the garden with Mickey, and a movie. See, after the Saturday night session of stake conference last week, Mom was talking about the garden statues, and she had looked them up on line and said the same artist had done a bunch of Alice in Wonderland garden stuff. Celeste commented that Alice in Wonderland is a good theme for a garden, and Steve wondered why, so we started singing "Golden Afternoon," at which point Steve asked if Disney had done an animated Alice in Wonderland (generally if the two of us start singing anything without made-up lyrics, it's Disney).

Of course the question revealed that Steve had not seen the movie, so Mom told us to bring it next time we came over for dinner so he could watch it. When we got ready to put the movie in, Steve asked Scott and Kimee if they had seen it, and Scott was like, "Of course! It's a classic!" and Kimee was like, "Who hasn't?"

Actually, we knew they had seen it, because one time Mom called us before we went over to her place for Kimee's birthday celebration and asked us what Disney movies we had. We listed them, she relayed the options to Kimee, and Kimee specifically chose Alice in Wonderland. We had even told Steve as much, but I think he may have been in denial because of the whole "Alice in Wonderland being based on an acid trip" thing. In fact, he tried to wriggle his way out of watching it more than once. In the end, he probably saw less than half of it anyway, so I don't see why he resisted so much.

And then we stayed and talked for a while, and now we're already up past our bedtime.

Today I'm thankful for having some granola bars to eat while we waited for dinner to be ready, the yummy chili cheese fries at the Golden Horseshoe, getting to take a family history class, getting the right Minnie statue (we knew it was the right one, but I was paranoid anyway), and Mom waiting to open it until we were there.
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