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Relaxing Sunday

Today we finally get a nice long Sunday afternoon to ourselves. Although we also invited Celeste to come over and watch more Super Mario Bros. if she wants, so that might change. But in the meantime, it's nice to pretend we'll be able to make significant progress in all the reading we're wanting to do.

That being the case... I don't know what to post about today. The writer's block question is about if there were any shows or anything that you loved as a kid, but saw recently and think it was pretty silly. I think that in our case, we still like the things that we liked, but maybe in different ways. Like if we had seen and liked Captain EO when we were little. I remember several years ago, they showed a My Little Ponies movie that we used to watch all the time. By that time we were old enough to have more discriminating tastes and... it was still pretty entertaining. So either we have no taste now (a distinct possibility) or we had great taste as little kids, because I have yet to be disappointed. I think the key is not to take things too seriously.

And that's it for our short post today. Time to get some reading done! Today I'm thankful for this nice afternoon we have to ourselves, Mom and Steve treating us to ice cream last night, still being able to enjoy a lot of the things we enjoyed when we were little, getting rides to and from Stake Conference last night, and having a lovely visit from our visiting teachers.
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