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Have you heard?

I forgot! If anyone's seen Someday's Dreamers--did you notice that when Runa's doing her English homework, she's really copying out the lyrics to that song in Anastasia? "Have you heard, there's rumor in St. Petersburg," etc. etc.

And while I'm here...

I'm happy to have opposable thumbs. I think life would be a lot more difficult without them.

I'm happy that I can watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

I'm happy to have poundcake. They've been selling it at the nearby 99cents Only store, and it's yummy.

I'm happy to have windows, because sometimes it's nicer to just look outside than to actually be outside. And! You get sunlight from outside, which is nicer than artificial light, in my opinion.

I'm happy to have two copies of the DN Angel sticker book. Now we just have to bring ourselves to actually use the stickers in one of them.
Tags: gratitude, someday's dreamers

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