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What big ears you have!

Today was a day of getting interrupted at work. My goodness, all the phone calls. Nothing to report, really, as far as that's concerned, but that's why we ended up working a little extra long today. Actually, we worked about the regular amount of time--just ended later. Ah well.

Anyway, we're still really into this Labyrinth of Grimm thing.

Last night, we got Red Riding Hood's ending and bam! we were right! He was totally a werewolf. But we were wrong in that he's not the typical kind of werewolf, and he wasn't responsible for his grandmother's death (which is a good thing). He's just part wolf because a wolf attacked his mother on the night of a full moon when she was pregnant with him.

The scene where you find out the truth about him was pretty awesome. Tetsuya Kakihara is really good at the anguished screams. (Are we sadists? Maybe we are. According to a thingie on Twitter, we're 100% sadist, but the person we got it from was 180% sadist, so.) Anyway, it was just so heartbreaking. See, there was this wolf (also the wolf who killed his family, and the wolf who attacked his mom, thus making him a werewolf), and he provoked Red into going all wolfy, so of course Red attacks him, and so Henrietta's like, "No, Red! Stay good! Stay good!" and Red was like, "No! I can never go back to you guys, so please just let me... let me... aaaahhhhh!!!" Oh man, it was intense.

And then he had wolf ears and a tail for the rest of the story♥ Athena was like, "He's not a wolf; he's a puppy!" (Which is awesome, because that now makes him a Dangerous Lost Puppy.) And then Ludwig and Hameln were like, "He's not a wolf; he's a puppy." We like it when the video games agree with us. What Red forgot is that he was really the only one in the party who hated wolves, so nobody else cared when they found out. They were just like, "Okay." Of course, Hameln knew all along.

Oh! Speaking of which! There was some neat foreshadowing, where Henrietta and Red go out on a date kind of thing, and when they come back, Rapunzel's all like, "So how did it go!? I bet something happened!" And Red's like, "Nuh-uh! Nothing happened!" (He didn't want them to know he had been cross-dressing. That was a fun scene, too.) And Rapunzel's like, "I bet it did! They say men are wolves, after all!" And Hameln's like, "Oh, he's a wolf, alright." Bwahahaha.

Anyway. One thing we really like about this game is that it has detailed epilogues. And! when it's decided who Henrietta is in love with, all the other characters are like, "Oh, you're so happy together! Yay!" So you don't have the guilt about ditching all the other guys. As much, anyway. It was hard for me to watch Ludwig go away to Bremen to find an art teacher. Goodbye, Ludwig! *sniffle*

But anyway, Red got appointed to a special guard thingie, where they go and rebuild villages that were destroyed for whatever reason, starting with his home village! Yay! And he says, "I hope we can go to your village, too, someday!" And Henrietta's like, "I don't care where we are, as long as I'm with you!" Yay, cavities!

But the cutest is that Red is a little shorter than Henrietta, so there's one scene where he kind of randomly says, "Hey, Henrietta, can you crouch down a little bit?" "Sure. Like this? Why?" And he kisses her on the forehead! Awwwwwww! And then he says, "Someday, I won't need you to crouch down!" Aww, he's such a cute little puppy.

After the game ended (half an hour past our bedtime...), we checked and found out that we're missing a scene with Red, most likely his sad ending. On the one hand, it's annoying to have to go through the whole game again to get a SAD ending. But on the other hand, Red has good angst. Not that angst is really a good thing, but... um... Hey, what's that!? *points*

Today I'm thankful for the adorableness of Red Riding Hood, being caught up on America's Next Top Model so we can watch the finale, this Top Model cycle being almost over so we'll have a little more time for other pursuits, having delicious juice to drink, and detailed epilogues.
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