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Not enough hours in the day

Our shiny new books came today! We haven't even taken them out of the package, though, for a couple of reasons. First, we've been busy with work. And second, we have so much to do aside from those books that even now that we're done with work, we're in a rush to get to everything. Mom even loaned us another book last night! When will we ever find time to read it all!? Maybe we should stop watching Wheel of Fortune or something. Or maybe we'll figure out some other way. Or maybe we'll start reading so much that we'll read superfast!. (Seems unlikely...)

It certainly doesn't help that Labyrinth of Grimm is driving us crazy. They were not kidding when they called it Zettai Meikyuu (absolute labyrinth). On Saturday night, we got a bad ending. So we went back made a few different choices... and got another bad ending. So we went back and changed some choices again... and got a sad ending. We just couldn't win! And there's still at least two characters we haven't met!

The whole problem started with Rapunzel asking Henrietta which of the boys she likes, and we decided to say Ludwig because he's our current favorite, but at the point we are in the game, that takes us to a very very sad ending where he's cursed into invalidity, and Henrietta is taken away by the demon guy into a dream world where she forgets all about everything. There was nothing we could do to prevent the cursing, so we thought maybe he didn't like Henrietta enough. So we tried to make him like her more and it still didn't save him. It was already stupid anyway, because the only way to get that far is to say, "Sure, Ludwig (even though I know you're not really Ludwig). I'll stop going on this journey to find your brothers and my beloved cousins to live peacefully with you forever. ...But just a little more journeying first, 'kay?"

So "Ludwig" (actually evil demon guy) decides that the best way to get Henrietta to do what he wants is to make it so Ludwig can't travel anymore, so he puts a curse on him. Rapunzel seems to know something about it, but she doesn't say anything before the rest of the party LEAVES FOREVER. And then since Ludwig's pretty helpless, Demon Guy can do what he wants. But on the other hand, if you tell Fake Ludwig he's being stupid and shouldn't ask you to stop looking for Jacob and Wilhelm, Henrietta goes to bed and wakes up in a sad dream version of the village she grew up in, probably also created by Demon Guy, so why didn't he just do that in the first place? Maybe if Henrietta loves someone strongly enough, he has less power over her. I don't know.

Anyway, we figured the only thing for it was to give up on Ludwig for the time being and go after somebody else. But the way things were going, if we tried telling Rapunzel Henrietta liked somebody else, she would be like, "I don't know who you're talking about," and Henrietta would go to sleep and wake up in the sad dreamland. (Incidentally, the sad dreamland also shows up if you tell Rapunzel that you don't like anybody, or if you refuse to tell her anything. Argh!)

So! we started all over from the beginning again to get either Red Riding Hood or Hameln to like Henrietta better, and now we're all set to go after either one of them (they like a lot of the same things, so it's easy to go after both of them at once) and see if we can actually make any progress in the story. At the very least, we should see one or two more sad endings. But by the time we got that far, it was bedtime, so we're a little anxious to get back. But we have a lot of other stuff to do as well.

Fortunately! this game has an incredible skip feature, and all the stuff it took us hours to do before went by in seconds! So it didn't waste too much time skipping; it only annoyed us a lot. And hopefully as we progress the story, we'll be able to get some key item that will make it so we can go after Ludwig without getting a sad ending.

Today I'm thankful for getting our shiny books, being ready to try a different path in Labyrinth of Grimm, it only taking about six minutes to start all over from the beginning and get to the part we wanted to be at, having lots and lots of things to prevent us from being bored, and once again being surrounded by kitties.
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