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Happy Maki's Birthday!

You thought we were going to say Mother's Day, didn't you? Well happy Mother's Day, too! Even though it's just about over, even on the West Coast.

We spent most of the day at Mom's house, of course. When we were at Disneyland, Celeste and Sarah found a cute Mickey Mouse garden statue and the idea is that we all chipped in to buy it. We still have to reimburse Steve, who made the purchase. It was supposed to be on the down low--Kimee had to go back to the car to change into some dry clothes after Splash Mountain, and Steve was going to take the opportunity to buy and hide the statue while we took Kimee back. But then! Mom decided she didn't want to go on the Matterhorn after all and went to join them! Oh no!

We never got the details, but Steve managed to buy the statue without Mom's notice after all, so we were in the clear. ...Until one day when Mom needed a new ream of paper (or something) from the area of the garage that the statue was hidden in. She saw the description printed on the side of the box and looked it up on the internet, thus ruining the surprise. Alas.

Fortunately, apparently there are about three thousand (or sixteen or something) different Mickey Mouse garden statues to be found wherever Mom was searching, so she didn't know exactly what the gift was going to be, and when she saw it she was very excited and pleased. We told her that if she gets the Minnie one to go with it, they hold hands, and Steve says she'll probably buy it for herself within the week.

After we had a lovely breakfast for dinner, we played a losing game of Trivial Pursuit. Seriously, everyone but Mom and Steve's team were losing miserably, but that's okay because we all figured that would happen, so we didn't take the game seriously. And then Sarah's husband insisted that we watch a cartoon movie, and, since we don't have our own copy, I suggested Beauty and the Beast. I wasn't even thinking of when we returned the copy to Mom after keeping it for a few years, and how we thought it would be okay because we'd at least get to watch it one last time before parting with it, and then Sarah's husband said, "What movie did you bring?" and we said, "Beauty and the Beast!" and he said, "Aww," and we watched Maverick instead. But since he watched the movie without complaint (and even seemed to enjoy it!) his crime of two Julies ago has been expunged. And we got to watch a super awesome movie, yay. Beauty and the Beast is so shojo manga.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Beauty and the Beast, Mom really liking the Mother's Day gift we got for her, having a Page hiding under my chair (she chirps when you poke her!), finally realizing that hey those fluorescent light bulbs we've been hanging onto probably fit in the sockets where those two burned-out bulbs are in our bedroom, and the chocolate that was brought to Relief Society today.
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