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New game!

I think I want to make this short today, because Labyrinth of Grimm arrived yesterday, but we were in the middle of the Duel Coliseum in Dissidia, and since Dissidia is a PSP game we can just turn it off and pick it right back up without bothering to save, which is good, because you can't save all the Duel Coliseum stuff if you shut down without exiting, but we didn't want to do that because we would miss out on the chance of getting a bunch of awesome treasures. And none of that would be a problem except that Labyrinth of Grimm is also a PSP game, and since we only have one PSP, we have to remove Dissidia, and we would have lost everything. So we played Dissidia last night instead of our shiny new game. (Not to imply in the slightest that Dissidia is not shiny. Oh my goodness, the shiny of Dissidia...)

Still, I think there was something else I wanted to mention briefly. But now I can't remember what it is because I got distracted by the gigantic run-on sentence at the beginning of this entry.

I could mention how we were excited to go to Family Home Evening last night because we had fancy new t-shirts from Disneyland to show off. So we got all dressed up (in t-shirts) and off we went! But when we got to the church, there was a sign on the door saying FHE had been moved to the building that's too far to walk to in a reasonable amount of time. Boo. We'll just have to show off our new shirts next week. At least we had more time to get out of the Duel Coliseum.

Today I'm thankful for getting out of the Duel Coliseum last night, having a shiny new game to play, olive oil & sea salt pita chips, getting a bit of exercise yesterday, and making good progress on work today despite sleeping in.
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