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Further Disneyland exploits

Today has been a very strange day, because we decided not to worry too much about getting any work done. And we're going through the temple today, which means I need to get started on LJ early if I want to finish this Disneyland report. I'm a little nervous, but hopefully I can still type coherently.

Saturday got off to a rocky start, because one of the guys (oh right, I forgot to mention which guys joined us; we were joined by Steve, Scott, and Sarah's husband) decided that the time we had agreed on to wake up wasn't early enough. So all the boys got up and got ready and had breakfast without the girls, and some of the girls were not very happy about this lack of consideration. But really all it meant was that the boys had to sit and wait while we all ate breakfast, and we got to the park a little bit later than maybe people wanted to.

While we waited with the boys to get tickets (we had to get tickets of our own, because it was a block-out date for our passes), Celeste, Sarah, and Kimee went to a store on Main Street that sells mugs. I had heard when working there that if you bought a mug there, you could get it filled and refilled all day for no charge. The three of them wanted to get some mugs (they have some really cute ones of Disney characters waking up looking all disheveled, with text on them saying things like, "Mornings aren't MAGICAL!" (that's on the Tinkerbell one)) and take advantage. Unfortunately, the refill thing only applies to coffee, which none of us drink. Boo.

Oh well. Anyway, as we were walking down Main Street to meet up with the trio, we noticed characters signing autographs, including Alice and the Mad Hatter (animated version), whom Kimee had expressed a desire to meet. We took her back down Main Street to get autographs while everyone else went to save places in the non-existent line for Indiana Jones (it was early on a Saturday). Alice and the Mad Hatter had disappeared, so Kimee got in line to meet Pluto, and I went to City Hall to see if I could get a character schedule. After our random encounter with Pocahontas the last time we were at Disneyland, I was hoping I could get some sort of a cheat sheet. But all I managed to find out was that most of the characters were done greeting people and out of the park by eleven in the morning. That didn't leave us much time for meeting people.

So we made sure to head to Toon Town early on to meet some characters there. Fortunately, Pixie Hollow and the Princess Faire would be open until five, so we wouldn't have to rush to much to see any of the characters there. People were anxious to get on Splash Mountain at a time when they'd still have time to dry off, so we took the train to New Orleans Square. As we made our way from the station to Pirates of the Caribbean, we ran smack into a little miniature parade consisting of Tiana and her entourage. It was really fun--they sang songs from The Princess and the Frog, and gave tambourines to kids in the audience and stuff.

But as we were watching it, Steve expressed an impatience to get to the rides. He wanted to make sure to get as much done as possible so as to get his money's worth, I guess. He even informed us that he'd told Kimee not to spend too much time waiting to meet characters. I think that's silly, because the rides are going to be the same every time, but the character interaction isn't. Either way, that was the last of our character interaction for the day. Oh well.

Let's see... there was Splash Mountain (we skipped in favor of not plummeting and bought cookies instead), and then lunch. We took the little to Village Haus in Fantasyland, while the non-picky eaters stayed in Critter Country for bacon burgers (which, we discovered, were also available at Village Haus, so now we know for next time). I only mention lunch for two reasons. First, Scott was being very gentlemanly, staying with me to wait for the food while Athena and Kimee looked for a place to sit.

While we waited, I asked him how he felt about blue grass music, since we figured people would be interested in seeing Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. He responded that he strongly disliked it. Eheh. I expressed my concern, since we want everyone to have a good time, and he said he only hated it because his number one experience with it involved some remakes of Greenday songs (he's a Greenday fan) which he hated. He said he would probably enjoy Billy Hill anyway. Unfortunately, when we saw the show, he was sitting behind me, so I couldn't see for myself, but he and his father reported that he had a good time.

After lunch, Scott was very gentlemanly again and cleared off the whole table for us. Well, not the whole table. Neither he nor Kimee ate all of their pizza crust, and since I hate to see food go to waste, especially when it's something I'll actually eat, I took the leftovers to eat as we walked over to the Haunted Mansion to meet the rest of our party. While Athena was in the bathroom, Scott confessed, as I was eating the leftover pizza crust, that maybe he shouldn't have shared Kimee's chocolate milk, because he might be getting a cold. Oops. I paused my eating and thought about that for a little bit, then decided I wasn't too worried and kept eating after all.

There was stuff and things, and we saw Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. It was a fun show. This time, instead of doing the Elvis segment, they performed a tribute to the Country Bear Jamboree. They introduced it by explaining how they started out at Disneyland years and years ago at Big Thunder Ranch doing a pig-calling show or something. Then they got more popular and were allowed to play the Critter Country circuit, which is where the Country Bears used to play. They loved the Country Bears and went to see them hundreds of times, but the Country Bears did not once come to see them. But that's okay, because "We still have a show here," he said in the, "Nya-nya nya-nya nya nya" voice (then echoed on the mandolin). He apologized for being tacky, and justified it by saying they have a lot of bitterness about that. And then they sang the song. Our vocal chords were grateful that we didn't have to scream for Elvis. Of course, it's not like it's a requirement or anything, but what's the fun otherwise?

I think everything else was pretty much an average day at Disneyland; nothing else worth reporting. Except maybe that when we watched the fireworks, we noticed that they'd removed the Frontierland bit. But that probably only makes sense to us.

Oh right! Now I remember, there was something about the fireworks--something that illustrated my failure at patience throughout the day. When they started, someone had a laser pointer that they were directing at the castle. I haven't really gone into much detail about why we were so stressed that day (partially because stress is something you need to let go of, and I've forgotten some of it), but I was stressed, so my reaction to such inconsiderate behavior was to sentence the laser pointing fiend to hand-breakage. You point a laser at the castle during the fireworks, you get your hand broken. It's that simple.

Fortunately, I was able to focus on all the super awesome other things going on and not dwell on the laser pointer for very long, and, not-surprisingly, the laser disappeared not long after the show began. Those fireworks are too amazing to not pay attention to.

Despite rumors to the effect that we would be staying until the park closed, everyone was exhausted by the time the fireworks were over, so we just did a little shopping and then it was time for the looooooooong ride home. Oh my goodness, I don't think time has ever moved so slowly for so long. But we all made it home safely, and that's the important thing. I think that trip has only given us another reason to move down to the Anaheim area. When people insist on making weekend trips to Disneyland, they'll be able to stay at our place and not miss church on Sunday.

And that concludes another day at Disneyland. I do wish we'd gotten to take Kimee to Pixie Hollow (I want to meet Silvermist and Terence!), but that's life, I guess. We have a friend who expressed an interest in going sometime this month, and I think she's a fairy fan, so we'll see...

Today I'm thankful for having a nice yummy bag of chocolate caramel popcorn, not having to worry about not getting the book we were waiting for, getting to order manga and other books, getting to see the fancy light show at Pixie Hollow again, and having an adorable Page looking down at me from the top bunk.
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