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We're back!

We've been home for a while now, but it took a while to muster the energy to post. This weekend was really fun, but it was also a fairly intense trial of our patience. We got home at about three-thirty last night, and then we had to shower and get up early so as to get our pets home from the hotel, and then we had church and choir practice.

It was kinda neat, though, because our lesson in Relief Society was on patience, so it was like, "Here's a field test! And here's a lesson to remind you why you should have tried harder not to fail." We think we did pretty well for the most part, but we did get pretty mean towards the end (though some of that may have come more from Gaston's evil influence). More on that in the official report.

When we got home at three-thirty, our door was covered in construction-paper hearts! We had been heart attacked!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Some lovely person (or possibly people) wrote a bunch of cheesy pick-up lines on a bunch of pink hearts of varying sizes, and there were big red Xs and Os. We assume they meant kisses and hugs, not batsus and marus.

Anyway. The idea of uploading pictures for an illustrated report is far too exhausting, so I think we will continue as usual and post the report and pictures separately. It's just as well, because Mom brought a camera, too, and she got most of the "here's the cool stuff we did!" pictures, while a lot of my pictures are stuff like, "Look at the pretty (not-)wild flowers!"

Let's see, let's see. We left on Thursday morning, and after dropping the cats off at the hotel, and picking up some toffee peanuts at Target (where they were selling some really nifty foam swords and battle axes for a dollar each; I almost got one of each, but then I figured it would be better to save the space in our apartment for, like, manga and stuff), it was off to Los Angeles and the temple distribution center! Woohoo!

The trip was fairly uneventful. We just sang Disney songs and talked and stuff. When we got to the temple, Mom, Athena, and I left everyone else in the car (they didn't want to get out) and went to get our temple clothes. Mom was sure it would take a long time, because she had been with all three of her other daughters, and it tended to take a long time. But we're efficient! We got all our stuff picked out superfast! and were ready to check out in no time!

But! (dun dun DUN!) the card-swiper on the register wasn't working! Oh no!!! So we ended up waiting a super-de-duper long time to pay for all the stuff. But it was kinda neat, because we got to look around at the other stuff they had, and pick up some Preach My Gospel manuals. Plus the lady that helped us get all our clothes has two sons who like to read manga! So Mom told her (while we were trying stuff on) that we would write up a list of all the series we translate and autograph it. We weren't sure the boys would like it so much, because if we know anything about little boys into manga, they're reading Naruto and Bleach (the lady confirmed we guessed right on that one), so they might not be interested in all the girly manga we translate. And we really don't think we should recommend titles like Negima! and Ai Yori Aoshi to young boys. Ah well, hopefully they'll find something on it they like.

When we finally got to pay for our stuff, Mom didn't think we'd have time for the surprise she wanted to show Kimee and Sarah and Celeste (who had already accidentally heard what it was), but the three of us who knew thought it would be cool and we convinced her that we could spare half an hour. So off we went! to the American Girl store!! Woohoo!

We didn't have much time, so we skipped the first floor and went straight to the second floor, where they have a section for each of the historical girls of the series (minus Samantha and Kirsten, who are retired). It was so cool, because each section was set up like a museum display (but also with a bunch of boxes containing all the stuff on display for your purchasing convenience). If I had been smart, I would have taken pictures. And Mom bought a set of Josefina books, which hopefully we'll get to read at some point. She also bought the two Lanie books that are out. Lanie is the American Girl of the Year, and she's all into environmentalism and wants to be a scientist. Apparently, the one who got her interested in all that was her aunt, who I'm convinced must have shown Lanie her old Captain Planet videos. They probably wouldn't mention that in the books though.

After Mom spent more money than she should have, it was time for her to drop us off at the Arclight movie theater to meet Aurora and her husband, while she went off to her office end-of-tax-season dinner party.

And now I'm out of energy, so I will continue the report tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for everybody making it back to Fresno safely, having our kitties back, our friend being kind enough to drive us to the Pets Hotel this morning on really short notice, having really pretty temple clothes, and getting to see the American Girl store.
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