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It's like paper dolls!

Ummmm... Today has been pretty busy, but not in an interesting-to-other-people kind of way. I think the highlight of the day was playing with our Japanese Square-Enix Members avatar. After confirming that points do expire, we decided it was okay to use them to buy some new clothes for her, so we spent a long time shopping and trying things on and stuff. It's a lot less annoying when all you have to do is click a button and the outfit magically changes. Why can't we do that in real life?

Actually, the highlight was more the treasure hunting to get items to synthesize into other items. We made a beaker! And our avatar is holding it, like some kind of beach scientist (she's standing on the beach). It made us want to play Final Fantasy XI and join a bunch of guilds just so we could make more stuff, because Squeni members only lets you treasure hunt five times a day, unless you want to use real money to buy more tickets. (Not that we're stingy enough to never do that, but overseas payment can get tricky. Probably a good thing; it'll save us a bunch of money in the long run, I'm sure.)

And so! while we were searching through the different backgrounds for our avatar, we were reminded of Fantasy Earth Zero, which is a free MMORPG by Square-Enix. So you can probably guess where we're going to be headed next. We decided that if we're to get involved with morps, we need to limit it to, like, one couple hour session a week, or it will eat our lives. And we have so many other things we want to do, too! So we will refuse to let Fantasy Earth Zero eat our lives, and that's why it would be a good idea to play it before dinner. Dinner will force us to stop, if not out of hunger, out of our strict adherence to schedules. But I'm excited, because we're going to get out the laptop and play it together! Woohoo!

In kitty news, we found the greatest toy for cats that like to chomp on hands! It's a thick glove with long fingers that have little toys attached to each one! We saw it and thought it would be perfect for Page! But it seems like maybe we bought it too late, because she's trying very hard to not chomp on hands. It kind of makes me sad, because I have very slight masochist tendencies I guess, but both cats still like playing with it! Yup, even Oreo!

Today I'm thankful for shiny new cat toys, having two computers to play morps on together, Colgate 360 toothbrushes, having freshly vacuumed carpet, and it being warm enough to open the windows today.
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