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Saiyuki and cooking demonstrations and stuff

Whew, today has been so busy! We took the day off to finally work on the volume of Saiyuki Reload that we've had since whenever it was we actually got it, but it's been out for six months. But Celeste called and said she was going to take us grocery shopping this afternoon, so we decided we'd rather not be interrupted at the end of this volume, because it's the last volume of Saiyuki Reload! Aaaahhhh!!! So we only translated about half of it, and man, is it intense. There's an announcement at the back of it that has us a little concerned, but it's probably good news, and in the bit we did translate there was a flashback to a line in volume four, so we went back to check it for consistency and we were like, "Seriously? That's what we translated it to?" And we were sad. Oh well.

We played around with Japanese Square-Enix Members for a while, as we waited for Celeste to show up, and then she came and we went to IHOP, and then we went grocery shopping, where we were singing music from the Tiki Room all through the store. We couldn't remember the lyrics, because they're Hawaiian, but it was a lot of fun.

And now we're back and it's time to try to finish our Disneyland report.

Okay, so we had just gotten off of the Sun Mickey's Fun Wheel, and we discovered! a little whirlpool in the water along the exit! So I rushed to get the camera back out and take a picture, and Han was all like, "Duh there's a whirlpool; that's a drain there," and we were like, "So what? It still looks cool!" But then the water tried to stop swirling as I took the picture, so it might not look all that cool, but we have the picture anyway.


After lunch, where Han scared us with one of the scariest things anyone can say to us while we're at Disneyland: "I just have a headache." Oooohhhhhhh nooooooooooooo!!!! Headaches at Disneyland are The Worst, so we panic whenever anybody gets one. We were like, "Do you need more water? Do you need more food? We can go to the first aid center and get some medicine!" And he was like, "No, I'm fine." But we did go back to the food ordering place to get some garlic bread (we were at a pizza place).

Then we went on Mulholland Madness, which was a little scary because we've been one that one with headaches, and that is not really very fun. But it's Han's favorite ride, so whatever, I guess. We got churros on the way to Grizzly River run, and Han met up with Gaston who gave him some Tylenol while we rode the rapids with Leia. Then we all went to Soarin' Over California, where we used our No Strings Attached card. When we got to the front of the line, Gaston asked if we could sit in the middle, and that meant waiting until the next batch of riders. So for a few minutes, the whole queue area was completely empty!


Incidentally, one of the cast members sparked a conversation about accents by asking one of her fellow cast members what accent she should use the next time she did the safety spiel. Gaston demonstrated his skill with accents, and informed us that in Fresno, people have different accents depending on what high school they went to.

Next we went to get some tortillas, and as we left, the Pixar Play Parade was just getting to where we were, so we stopped to watch it. I was too busy watching to take many pictures (which is a good policy), but I thought the jellyfish from the Finding Nemo section were pretty fascinating, so...
(Look in the bottom right corner and you can see the pretty pink wig the jellyfish girl was wearing.)

This is another one of those pretty waterfalls that I probably have multiple pictures of:

The direction we were walking took us straight back to the cooking demonstration area that Gaston had spent most of the day in, but he's very much into cooking and so he's like, "We can watch it!" so we got in line. And the five of us just barely made it into the demonstration before they shut people out!

This is the MC, Kwame (he wasn't wearing a nametag, so I'm spelling his name like the character in Captain Planet, because it's pronounced the same). He and Gaston were pretty tight by this time, as it was the last demonstration of the day, and Gaston asks a lot of questions.

This time, the chefs doing the demonstrations were JR Cifrese and Ed Gallagher, who gave a coast-to-coast approach to preparing the same dish.

I think this time, "dish" meant "main ingredient," and in this case, shrimp. JR (right, representing the West Coast) made a shrimp cake with, like, wasabi and stuff, and Ed (left, representing the East Coast) made a... um... polenta (I remembered the term, but I had to look up the spelling). They had the food already prepared to give out to the audience, and they asked which one everyone liked better. I think West Coast won, but we are on the West Coast, so maybe the audience was a little biased.

Athena and I chickened out and didn't even try it, but the other members of our party were happy to take care of our leftovers. If we were better food lovers, I might have thought to take a picture of the dishes so everyone could see what they looked like, but...

When the demonstration was over, Gaston went to shake the chefs' hands, and then we headed back to the Magic Kingdom. Our first stop was Big Thunder, and as we entered Frontierland, someone pointed out that oh hey, there's Pocahontas! I hesitated to take a picture, though, because she was surrounded by little kids waiting to get autographs. And then I noticed, about five feet to her left, this:

And this:
They're kind of far away, so I'm not sure if you can make out the ducklings very well, but I have to get pictures of ducklings whenever I see them, because they're one of the best things about spring at Disneyland.

In Frontierland, we discovered that the River of America were still drained of all their water. When people found out we were going to Disneyland on Monday, everyone keep saying, " were there just the other day, and the Rivers of America were drained!" We figured it was probably true (they do that occasionally, for maintenance and stuff), and sure enough it was.

That fact isn't very interesting in and of itself, but when we peeked through the tarp-like thingie they had shielding our view so as not to detract from the show (regular Disneyland) with backstage equipment, what we saw was pretty fascinating. I tried taking a picture through the netting, because if I could see it, the camera probably could, too, but the flash reflected off of the nylon, so I got nothing. Han then gave me a brief lecture (just one line) about how the camera can only shoot through things you can see through (but I could see through it!), then took it and held it up above the fencing and took a picture.

And that's the last picture we got. I guess I didn't want to bother trying to take night photos. We used finally got to go on Space Mountain, then after looking around in the Star Trader to see if they had the set of Beauty and the Beast pins that exists, according to the guy in the shop across the way who probably wasn't being entirely honest with himself, we overheard a cast member telling a bunch of people to watch the fireworks from It's A Small World. She was smiling knowingly, so we thought there must be something extra special about it.

We decided to skip out on our Indiana Jones fast passes and watch the fireworks as the cast member advised. On the way to It's A Small World, we passed by Pixie Hollow, where there was a miniature light show! There was pretty Celtic music playing, and it was all sparkly.

Like I said, I don't have any more pictures from this trip, but this picture will help me describe the show. See all the swirly bits in the water?
The lit up and changed colors, and there were lights all through the trees and everything. It was very very pretty, and maybe I should have taken a video. Maybe I'll get one next time.

When the show ended (er, I'm not sure it ended, actually, but it seemed to have started over), we headed to It's A Small World, but when we tried to pass the Matterhorn, there was a cast member roping the area off. Apparently, it was just windy enough to make almost all of Fantasyland a fallout zone! Aaaahhhhh!!

But Leia hadn't seen this fireworks show yet, so we found a nice place in front of the castle to watch it from. After the show, the park was closing, so we did some last minute shopping, and then we headed out, exhausted as usual. I think going to Disneyland is like laughing so much it makes your face hurt. Sure it's painful, but it's worth it. There was some interesting discussing on the way home to Fresno that I want to mention, but I will do that some other time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Pixie Hollow light show, having another Disney's Greatest Hits CD, getting to go to IHOP with Celeste, finally getting started on the last volume of Saiyuki Reload, and having had another great trip to Disneyland.
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