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Disneyland again!

Okay, so we're going to try something new this time, and we've already uploaded and resized all the pictures we took at Disneyland! So now we're going to see if we can get an illustrated report to happen.

Here's a picture of the tulip we mentioned several days ago.
I went to get a picture of the rose, but it was gone! Somebody must have picked it.

We've always had trouble with cats walking across keyboards, as we're sure anybody with cats has experienced. But having a cat lie down on top of the keyboard was entirely new to us. So I got a picture.
(Bonus points if you can tell us what manga we have on our desk!)

Page in a blanket fortress:

At vintage days, there was a booth for a pest control company, and they had some cute little snakes. Here's one of them.

Also at vintage days, we spotted a balloon flying away! Goodbye, balloon! Goodbye!

The day didn't start very well, but only because sleep was sporadic. It really is hard to sleep somewhere that's not your own bed. We woke up super early to avoid traffic, and we had a lovely ride to Disneyland, during which Gaston insisted that he was going to sing soprano for the rest of the day. Like us, he tends to randomly burst into song (the difference being, he knows a lot more actual songs, while we tend to make stuff up (and promptly forget it, so the whole "musical composer" idea isn't likely to work)). He definitely forgot all about it, and I only wish I remembered how little time it took before he started singing in his normal voice again.

We arrived early enough to have breakfast before entering the park, so we decided to see if the breakfast at Mimi's was really as good as everyone said it was. As it turns out, it was. I got some pancakes and, since they had a little basket with all kinds of condiments, I decided to try them with peanut butter along with the maple syrup, and that was also as good as everyone says it is. The only problem with breakfast was that it ended up making us late--we wanted to get to the park when it opened, and we were half an hour late already when we got to the parking lot.

We happened to park right by the lot's exit ramp, which has some pretty trees, so I took a picture.

At the tram stop, we discovered that Disneyland had installed doors on some of the trams. If I had been thinking clearly, I probably would have gotten a picture, but by that time I was too anxious to get into the park or something. We imagine the doors made loading and unloading the trams take extra time, so we had ample time to speculate what the doors were there for. We figure it has something to do with safety, but, assuming the doors lock while the tram is in motion, it would be pretty easy to climb out over them. I'm not sure why you'd want to do that, but it was amusing to imagine something like all those train battles, where the people are climbing out of the train and onto the roof, while it's still in motion, and having some kind of a showdown. Gaston made sure to check and confirmed that the doors do not, in fact, lock while the tram is in motion, and it would be very easy to jump out.

When we got to the park, we discovered a certain train at the Main Street station. I don't remember all the details, because I'm a failure as a Disneyland fan (not really; I just don't remember that bit), but there's a special railroad car called the Lilly Belle, and we just happened to get to see it. I thought about getting everyone to rush to the train station to see if we could get close to it. From what we've read, they probably wouldn't have let us in that particular car, but I might have been brave enough to ask anyway except for the fact that we had already all decided to start the day in Fantasyland, and I wasn't sure if the train would still be there by the time we made it through the line. But anyway, here's a picture!

Walking down Main Street, we got a nice view of the castle, and the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

We headed for Peter Pan's Flight, which is Han's favorite ride (and Leia had only been on it once!). Once we got in line, Gaston remembered that they should have pamphlets for the Food and Wine Festival going on at California Adventure. I asked if he wanted me to go get one from the Guest Services booth on Main Street, and he started to say something like don't worry about it he'll get one later, but I saw the sign that said the estimated wait time to get on the ride was twenty minutes. So I said, "We have twenty minutes; I bet I could get it in three." And he was like, "Oh really?" and started the timer on his watch. So off I ran!

(Athena: Were you running, or speed-walking? Because you shouldn't run at Disneyland. Me: (sheepish) I was jogging...)

And the Guest Services booth was farther away than I thought! Boo! But I kept trying! And I got to the booth and asked for the pamphlet, and the cast member said that she didn't have any! but she could pull up the information on her computer. I said no, it was for a friend, but thanks anyway. And I ran back to Peter Pan's Flight!

And I made it in just over two minutes! Booyah!

As we waited, Gaston declared that he was going to have a ship with red sails. I said I wanted green, but then I remembered that the one Peter has in the movie is gold, so I changed my mind to gold. The only reason I even bring this conversation up is that when we got to the front of the line, we would have been in a ship with red sails! Gasp! When Gaston says he's going to do something, he really means it! ...Except there were some people who came through the wheel chair line, so the people right in front of us got the red ship, while the two of us and Gaston rode in a gold one! I win again! (It really all depends on what color ship is there when you get to the front of the line, in case that wasn't obvious.)

After Peter Pan, it was discovered that Leia had never been on the Snow White or Pinocchio rides, so that's where we went next! (They were right across the street.) In the line to Snow White, you pass by the wicked queen's laboratory.

You can't really see them in the picture, but there are some goblet/chalice type things on the table with the book, and when Han saw them, he challenged Gaston to toss a penny into one of them. You can also see a bunch of pocket change scattered throughout the chamber. In the past, whenever we passed by the display, we always wondered what possessed people to throw their money away there. There's not even water, so it's not like it's a wishing well or anything. Now we know. (Incidentally, Gaston managed to get a penny into the larger goblet, but bounced the penny off the rim of the smaller one. I think Han missed both times.)

And here's the dwarfs' cottage! It's what you see right before getting on. Once on the ride, no more pictures, because I don't like messing with the camera when I'm on rides. (Plus you're not supposed to take any flash pictures, which would make trying to get any pictures that much more annoying.)
I didn't realize until resizing this picture that oh yeah, you do start the ride inside the dwarfs' cottage. Neat! (And obvious... eheh...)

Each of the cars has a dwarf's name carved onto the front of it. We couldn't fit all five of us into one, so the two of us rode with Gaston again in a Dopey car. When Han and Leia got in their car as ours was driving off, Gaston turned around and said, "Well, I hope you're happy!" The joke was so amusing, I had to get a picture as they got to the end of the ride.

As we were about to get on the Pinocchio ride, I noticed that the operator's booth was decorated to look like a ticket booth--to get into Strombolli's puppet show, of course!

We were going to go on the Matterhorn next, but it was closed that day, so we kept walking to Tomorrowland. I always liked this view of the Matterhorn, so I got a picture, though it's likely I've taken this same picture before.

And the next part of our journey will take us to Space Mountain, but that was an ordeal that will take too long to discuss right now (Jeopardy! starts in a few minutes), so we will save it for next time. Stay tuned!

Today I'm thankful for finally having all the money that we've been waiting for (no more delinquent checks! (for now at least)), Photo Bucket fixing things so that I don't have to rotate our portrait photos anymore, having all our pictures resized and uploaded for convenience with further report installments, getting our package from Jo-Ann's, and peanut butter on pancakes.
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