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La la laaa...

Jeopardy! today was a rerun, but one of the categories was things to be thankful for. That gave me some pretty good ideas, but I forgot what they all were. The last clue in the category was just a picture and it said, "Be thankful for this woman," and we're like, "Huh? Why?" And since we can't remember who it was, we can't ask anybody. Oh well. Aaaanyway...

I'm happy to have electricity.

I'm happy to have the Internet.

I'm happy that we're allowed to translate Saiyuki for TokyoPop. And I'm happy that we're allowed to translate DN Angel for TokyoPop. I'm happy to be able to translate for TokyoPop in general.

I'm happy that this apartment complex allows cats.

I'm happy to have a computer.
Tags: gratitude, jeopardy

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