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I seem to get more talkative when tired.

We have been awake for far too long already. We're back from Disneyland, and we are exhausted. We're feeling much better after eating a bunch of peanut butter filled pretzels, but not better enough to do a full Disneyland report today, or spend any more time at the computer after updating LJ. But Sunday was very eventful anyway, and there's a lot to talk about before we even left!

The day started out pretty stressful, because we had to make sure we had everything ready to go, and we still weren't sure how we would be getting to and from church, and we had woken up early because if our choir ride remembered, we'd be going to choir practice. Not only that, but we wanted to try out our new hair claws, which probably would have been fine except for one thing dun dun DUN!.

Saturday night, Mom and a friend of hers came over, because she was doing an activity for the Primary kids, and, in order to illustrate the importance of Joseph Smith being inspired as he translated the Book of Mormon, she had a native Japanese speaker write out something in Japanese, and then she had a bunch of people translate it, showing that it would come out differently for each translator.

While we translated the passage, Mom looked at all the pins we had gotten from eBay, and when we were done, she told us which ones we had to keep, which ones we could trade, and which ones we needed to get rid of. Since she was showing so much interest, I thought it would be fun to show her the other pins we had, so I went searching for a couple that we had gotten a while ago, and as I searched, I sat down on the piano bench, and heard a crack!.

I panicked when I realized that that's where our hair claws were, but when I pulled them out of the little paper bag we had them in, they seemed to be intact. That was a relief... until! Sunday morning, when Athena tried to put hers in her hair. About a centimeter of one tip broke off--not enough to make the claw useless, but definitely enough to make it difficult to apply to hair. She tried using it anyway, but since the tip was broken, it took extra maneuvering to get it in place, and by that time, the hair got out of place. So we didn't get to use our new hair claws, and now we need some fancy glue to fix the one.

That had us a little sad, but after we finished getting ready for church, it started to sink in that we would be going to Disneyland the next day, and the excitement started to overpower the stress. Our choir ride did remember to pick us up, and by the time we got to rehearsal, we were ready to have good attitudes and not argue with the choir director! But she didn't give us much direction at rehearsal that morning, so we didn't get much chance to show her that we could shut up and follow instructions. That was okay, though, because we would have another chance at regular choir practice, and I was very happy because of Disneyland.

But then sacrament meeting started. For some reason, the stake presidency was there, which I always think is kind of neat, because they tend to have good stuff to say. So after the sacrament, Brother H (who was conducting) informed us that the program had changed: we would hear a vocal solo from... someone who is also in the choir... and then the stake president would talk to us.

After the song, the stake president got up and said, "We're here to make some changes in your bishopric." And then they released our bishop! Ooooohhhhhh noooooooo!!!! Bishop L was such a good bishop, and his wife is such a nice visiting teacher, and we like them both so much. The tears came immediately, and listening to Bishop L and his wife's farewell remarks did not encourage them to go away any time soon. We'll miss them.

After church, the choir director must have had something to do somewhere else, so we didn't get to show her our shiny new attitudes. What was even more of a bummer was that choir practice (directed by a substitute) ended up being very short, and if we had known that, we probably could have gotten Ponyo to wait for us and drive us home so we'd have time to get the cats taken care of before Scott's birthday dinner. But since we didn't know that, Ponyo had already left, and we ended up wandering the building in search of someone kind enough to drive us home. We found Donald, who said he would give us a ride home but for the complete lack of room in his car. Boo.

But! it worked out for the best, because while we waited to see if anybody showed up, we got to meet our new bishop, and he seems like a very nice man. Also! he went on his mission to Japan! That was a long long time ago, and he's forgotten the language completely, but we also mentioned Disney movies, and he indicated a favorable opinion of hand-drawn animation. Plus he really does just seem very nice.

Eventually Mom and Steve got out of church, so we went to their place, and ended up having to start eating dinner before Steve and Scott got back from giving blessings to a few people, which was kind of sad, what with Scott being the birthday boy and all. He didn't seem to mind, though. Celeste brought us home, and we took care of the cats and got our last minute preparations ready, and then Han picked us up and it was off to Disneyland!

Or rather, off to Gaston and Alice's apartment, where we would be spending the night. They really are very considerate; they had a dinner of spaghetti and fried chicken breasts waiting for us--a meal we're sure they chose because Alice doesn't know a single person who doesn't like spaghetti or chicken, and thus it must be safe for picky eaters.

After staying up too late talking again (fortunately not super too late this time; just regular too late), we went to bed. We had an early morning ahead of us, because Gaston hates traffic so much that he will either go super early or wait until ten-thirty to leave. The park opened at nine, so we didn't like the second option, and we figured we could make up for the lack of sleep after we got home.

And more on that tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for making it back safely, the cats both being alive when we got back, having another fun trip to Disneyland, the amazing scenery on the way home (with the rainclouds and the sunbeams), and Bishop L and his wife and everything they've done for the people in our ward.
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