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Vintage Days

Our schedule for the weekend suddenly went from empty to packed! Okay, so it wasn't entirely empty to begin with, what with church, and choir practice, and extra choir practice in the morning because we're performing, and then leaving to go down south in the afternoon. But today was originally going to be much more laid-back.

We started out by not going to the ward temple baptisms trip because we couldn't get a ride (okay, so we only asked two... three people, but none of them could go, except for maybe the third one, who never called us back). So instead, we were going to index some names for, but they recently had a major upgrade that required us to maybe? sign up for new accounts. So we tried to recover a forgotten ID to see if we had an account, but the e-mail never came, so instead! we downladed RootsMagic (the free version), because we kept seeing commercials for it during General Conference, and we figured maybe we ought to start doing our own family history research.

Actually, Mom went on a big family history kick when we were in high school, and she managed to find ancestors back into the 1500s. We had a Young Women's event when we were graduating high school, and as part of it, Mom gave us each a gigantic binder with all the pedigree charts she'd printed out. So we actually have a bunch of our genealogy already, but now we have to input it into the computer. Mom did all her work by computer, so we thought it might already be up on the Family Search website, and there does seem to be a lot of it... but we don't know how to import that into the Roots Magic program.

Anyway, it was fun trying it out. We were putting in the information for Mom's parents, and Athena would read Pappy's birthday, and I was like, "Really? I never knew that!" It kind of makes me feel like a failure as a granddaughter, but more than that, it's neat to learn that stuff.

After we finished playing with that a little bit, we did some chores, and then Celeste called and asked if we wanted to join her and Mom and Kimee for Vintage Days over at the college. It's basically a big swap meet. We walked around all the booths to see what neat things people were selling, and then we went back to the ones that had stuff we wanted to buy. Athena and I each got a hair claw, so now we can have a little more variety in our hair styling. As it was, we had three styles: braid (for everyday), half-up (also known as a Polyanna, for church), and ponytail (for laziness). We thought it would be nice to have something different for church, even if we keep our hair braided most of the rest of the time.

Celeste got a ring that was made out of a six-pence! When she bought it, the guy who made it explained that it had the four symbols of the countries in the United Kingdom on a it: a shamrock for Ireland, a rose for England, a thistle for Scotland, and then he asked us if we could figure out what the symbol for Wales was, and we looked at it, and Celeste was like, "Grass...?" and Athena was like, "Aloe...?" and I was like, "...?" So then he told us that it was a leek, which was a great fact for us to learn, because Negi from Negima! is from Wales! Neat!

We also got an acorn light pull for the lights in our living room, because the wiring is such that we can't ever turn them on with a switch. (Celeste doesn't believe us, but it's true.) The acorn will be especially helpful, because we don't want to accidentally turn the fan on and freeze to death (or just panic to turn it off) in the winter, or accidentally turn the fan off and melt (or just panic to turn it back on) in the summer.

Then we discovered that tomorrow is when they're going to have Scott's birthday dinner, and since we hate to miss out on birthday celebrations, we had to call Han and make sure we had a little bit of time to visit. The question now is whether or not we'll have any time to go home and see the cats and drop off all our church stuff before leaving for lower latitudes tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Vintage Days, getting pretty new hair claws, learning neat facts about the United Kingdom, getting to get started on family history work (tomorrow we might talk to the Sunday school people about letting us in the family history class), and the awesome battle in Fairy Tale between Gray and Juvia.
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