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School festival... Noooooo......

Attack of the school festival!!! Aaaaaaaaaaugghhhhhhh!!! Why must there always be a school festival? Tachibana Higuchi shouldn't be allowed to have school festivals. Okay, that's not true; she has every right to write stories about school festivals, but man are they a pain to translate. Though come to think of it, this school festival probably wasn't as hard as the one in Gakuen Alice, because all the signs are probably a lot more normal. We were fortunate enough to be spared the part of the Alice Festival with the most signage.

When we complained about the festival on Twitter, it got brought up that there's always a cafe or a haunted house. We thought about it, and actually, it's been our experience that if it's not a cafe, the kids are doing some kind of play. Although in My Darling! Miss Bancho, they didn't do either one. Er... they started out not doing either one. (You'll have to read it to find out what they did do! ...But it's in volume two, which won't be out for a while.) And of course, there are the crazy titles like Gakuen Alice and Negima!, where they have just about everything.

Anyway. We finally registered for Anime Expo! Only we didn't actually register. We applied for industry registration, and now we're waiting for confirmation. We're just a little bit concerned about this, because it was a couple of hours after we applied that we got the e-mails saying, "Industry registration now open!" We think they're a little behind on sending out industry e-mails.

It's kind of scary how close Anime Expo is getting, but only because we reeeeeeally want at least one new set of costumes this year. So I was like, "Oh no! It's getting closer and we have no money for costumes!" (We are not going to spend our Disneyland Birthday Awesome money on costumes. We have our priorities.) But just now I realized that oh yeah, we already have fabric we can use for one Ace Attorney costume, and the other costume shouldn't be that expensive. We might have a new costume set after all!! Assuming I can get off my butt and make them. Eheh. I guess we'll see what the "free time" situation looks like when we get started on the scary project.

Hmm, speaking of such things, there's a sale on Simplicity patterns this weekend. We should see if there's anything we can use.

Today I'm thankful for scenes where there are no signs, having fabric we can use, sales on patterns, being caught up on our taxes (we paid estimates today!), and knowing that the people we're going to Disneyland are excited to go, too.
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