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There's a Twitter feed we follow called "Nannohi," which means "what day is it?", and every day it talks about anniversaries and celebrations and stuff that happen on that day. We don't always read it, because there tends to be a lot of kanji, but today (which is actually tomorrow, because of time zones) there was an interesting one. Apparently in Korea, April 14 is Black Day, where all the people who didn't get anything for Valentine's or White Day dress in black and eat black(ish) things like coffee and... I think there was something about anko... with coffee in it... Like I said, there's too much kanji.

Anyway. We're on The Portrait of M & N again, and it's just as scary as ever. In the first two hours of work, we only got through fourteen pages. Fortunately, things picked up when we put in the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack and we managed to reach a normal page quota, but man that series is tiring.

On the bright side (other than getting to translate a fun manga), this is the volume where Higuchi-sensei talks about the CD drama! Yay! She's even giving a report of the recording! But we stopped before she got to the part where there's voice actors. But that just means she'll probably go into a little more detail than we usually get, which will be awesome, because our favorite voice actor plays Hijiri. We're a little sad that Natsuhiko is played by a girl, though. Oh well.

We did a little budgeting last night and figured out how much money we'll be able to spend for our Disneyland birthday trip, but I'm still afraid to call! Ooooohhhhhh nooooooooo!!! It's silly, too, because I've called Disneyland ticketing before, and they were super nice. The guy I talked to even suggested ordering online so they couldn't rob us with shipping prices (seriously, it was like $5 to ship two little slips of paper).

I think part of it is that we don't know how many people we'll want to join us on whatever we decide to do, and part of it is that we haven't decided exactly what we want to do. There's a tour that we want to take, but we're not sure if we'd learn anything on it that we don't already know (I'm sure there's a ton of stuff we don't know, but that doesn't mean any of it will be mentioned on the tour), so we might just opt for reserved Fantasmic! seating instead. The reserved seats come with dessert! But if it's a dessert we're not interested in, we can just get regular seats anyway, because Fantasmic! is a gigantic show and there's a wide range of good seats. But we have to ask the guy on the phone in order to find out, and that requires making a phone call! Ooooohhhhhh noooooooo!!!!

I am going to get over it and call, but they're already closed for today. And then if we don't spend all our budget, we'll see about calling the dining number and getting birthday stuff at the restaurants!

Today I'm thankful for surviving the storm yesterday, having enough money to splurge for our birthday, having a lovely time reading manga last night, learning neat trivia, and nice e-mails from Japanese penpals.
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