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Today started out bright and sunny, and I was so glad the rain went away before we had to proofread our translation of a horror manga that takes place on a rainy night. Right now, the rain is back in full force, and it brought its friend thunder (lightning is probably hanging around somewhere, too, but we've been too focused on the computer to notice it). This is only a little extra scary because we've been having a hard time turning off our surge protector lately. The switch won't move to the "off" position. But at least we finished our manga script! But for now we're holding it hostage.

And now it's time to back up files!

...Or actually, it was time to shut down the computer, because just before a particularly loud clap of thunder, the lights flickered. Eek!

Man, the weather has been crazy today! After the thunder got louder, it started raining really really hard, and then it started hailing! (it piled up on our balcony! I got a picture!), and then the sun was out but it was still raining, and now the sun's still kind of out, and I think it's still kind of raining, but I'm not sure. Whew.

While we waited for the storm to pass, we storyboarded for our super awesome Ace Attorney flash animation tribute. If we can get motivated enough to finish it, it will be amazing.

As if weather and manga hasn't been scary enough, today we got another crazy translation project to work on! Even as we agreed to do it, we were afraid of it. But also kind of excited.

In other news, we watched Snow White last night. We realized yet again that somehow we always manage to zone out and lose track of what's going on from the time Snow White bites the apple to the time the witch is defeated. But Snow White is still adorable and bossy.

From the extras, we learned that the Disney sequel idea goes back as far as the very first full-length Disney feature! Wow! I'm betting that Snow White Returns would have been better than the sequels we have these days, though, because it would have been made by the same team, and Walt Disney would have been able to QC it. Apparently it was going to be a short, too, which reminds us of all the manga where the author goes back and does one extra little chapter after the series is over.

Oh! And the soup scene! Oh man, we both clearly remembered watching the soup scene when we were really little, but when Snow White was re-released in theaters and then on video back in... um... some time when we were like teenagers or something... the scene had vanished! But now it's on the Blu-ray disc, so we know we weren't imagining it. It's just as well that it wasn't in the movie, because it would have basically been a repeat of the soap scene, and they would have been right next to each other. But we're glad we get to watch it now!

Today I'm thankful for Snow White Blu-ray extras, the thunder storm having passed, scary but interesting new projects, getting to work on our Ace Attorney tribute, and getting our taxes paid.
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