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And the insanity continues.

Our visiting teachers got busy today and couldn't come. I'm actually not sure the exact details of what happened, but somehow they both ended up not coming. I called the one who made the appointment to see what was up, and apparently she got caught up working on a project of some sort at the library. I really don't hold anything against her--I'm just sad that nobody ever remembers anything. You'd think people would be more reliable.

...and I really hesitate to complain about it because we called our other visiting teacher and asked her to take us grocery shopping, because she's one of the few people in the world that we're comfortable grocery shopping with.

It's just so weird that it keeps happening, the forgetting thing. I wonder if it's self-fulfilling prophecies, like maybe on some level we expect them to forget or something, and that's why they forget.

Oh well. On a happier note, here's a scan (albeit not a very good scan) of the picture Athena drew for our tutoring flyer:
Image hosted by

Also, since we know some people on our friends list are interested in being professional artists and/or writers, this link may be of some interest. Apparently TokyoPop's always looking for original stuff, and you don't have to enter the Rising Stars of Manga contest anymore.
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