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Lazy slacker day

Today has been a lazy slacker day. We sort of maybe have plans, and we had no idea what time these supposed Plans were supposed to go into effect. Of course the uncertainty can easily be rectified by a little thing we like to call "communication," but we didn't want to work anyway, so we didn't. And at this late point in time, I think communication might be a little awkward. But that's okay, because we have a bunch of stuff to do that can be interrupted without any problems.

But today was a lazy slacker day, and so we didn't do anything very productive. Well, I practiced the piano for the song Celeste and Sarah are going to sing in church on Sunday (I only found out about this yesterday), and Athena took out the trash. So that's some productivity. But more of the day was spent doing things like looking at the long list of titles that are eligible for Disney Movie Rewards and being very frustrated by the fact that a good portion of the non-anime DVDs we own would be eligible if we had only bought them later. That's aggravating. We could still get points for them if we send in a receipt and proof of purchase, but who keeps a receipt and proof of purchase from five years ago?

It wouldn't be all that frustrating, except that the only reward consistently available that we're interested in getting costs fifteen thousand points, and I'm not even exaggerating. Oh well, maybe they'll have some cool limited edition stuff when Beauty and the Beast comes out on Blu-ray this October.

On the bright side, despite our lack of productivity, Oreo's been following us around all day! (These two things are not actually related.) He even sat on Athena's lap for a while! It's so nice to have him back after his long period of hiding.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo following us around all day, still having movie codes to enter (I don't think Disney Movie Rewards is an addiction, because we'll go for long periods of time forgetting to enter codes, and then just redeem a bunch of points all at once), the interesting flowers outside on the way to the office (I didn't have the camera or I would have taken pictures, but there's a red and white striped tulip, and a rose where all the inside petals are white but as they get farther out, they turn a kind of dark dark pink), the song I only have a few days to practice not being very difficult, and having cinnamon Chex cereal to try out tomorrow.
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