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Okay, before we get started here today, we've noticed an alarming trend that needs to be nipped in the bud. (<--overreaction) It is our opinion that the title of the manga series 声優かっ! should never be romanized with two A's, or an A with a dash, or anything that might indicate a long, drawn out A. It's true that the elongated U sound in 声優 makes for varied spellings depending on what system you're using, but the っ after the か indicates the cutting off of a vowel, not the drawing out of a vowel. So regardless of how you want to spell seiyuu, the "ka" should not be drawn out. Hence, Seiyuu ka!. (We prefer not to capitalize the K either, because that would be like capitalizing "the." On the other hand, I guess you're supposed to capitalize the last word in a title...? So maybe Seiyuu Ka!.)

Okay. Now that that's out of the way. As I mentioned yesterday, we watched Astro Boy last night and remembered just what an amazing movie it is. There's this happy feeling we get at the end of it, like coming home after a nice, full day at Disneyland. Not a long day, because the best is when the park closes around sunset, but it was uncrowded enough that we still got to do everything we wanted to do, and the sunset is so pretty on the drive home. And then we go home to eat birthday cake and open presents, usually including a new video game. And everything just feels right with the world, because even though the super happy thing is over, we know there's more happiness to come.

And that got kind of cheesy at the end, but that's how it feels to watch Astro Boy.

First, Page is super adorable. I know that's not a spoiler for Astro Boy, but... Anyway. We were watching the movie, and when it got to the part where Toby dies, and you're like, "But... but... They can't do that!" (even though you knew it was going to happen because you saw the movie before, or you knew the premise to Astro Boy beforehand), then Page just started meowing and meowing. It was like she agreed that that's just too tragic. So cute♥

I think that Astro Boy is a good example of the scripture that says that he who seeks his life will lose it, but he who loses his life in service to others will find it again. The red core energy always absorbed everything that came at it, took it over, and made it its own. As a result, it absorbed the blue core energy and died. On the other hand, Astro Boy, with his blue core energy, was always helping people and robots, including sharing his blue core energy--his life force. And as a result, Zog had some blue core energy to share with him and bring him back to life again.

Of course, that's not how that kind of thing happens with most people, but it's a good message!

Well, that's all for our thoughts on Astro Boy for now. If you haven't seen it yet, we can't recommend it enough! It's sooooo good!

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the store today, getting to watch Astro Boy last night, getting to own movies that make us happy, Chipmunks movie extras ("Behind the Squeaking" is hilarious), and having some crossword puzzle books (they're part of our effort to expand our vocabulary).
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