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I think my entire thought process for the day has been thrown off by watching this video... See, we get the Disney Insider newsletter e-mail, which recently had a huge makeover, so now each e-mail has a picture of the "Featured Video," along with pictures from three other, less-featured videos. The featured video was one from like two and a half years ago (a fact we didn't realize until watching it), and it's apparently part of a series of Disney Parks Legends: Fact or Fiction. Or something like that. This video was about the myth about Walt Disney having an apartment in Sleeping Beauty's castle.

They tried to make it sound all spooky and unsolved-mystery-like, but we knew the truth all along! The problem, however, is that there's a bit of a ghost story involved with Walt Disney's apartment at Disneyland. They didn't go into it (because that's the subject of the next part of the series, apparently), but today was also the day we started another volume of Higurashi. So even though I know the ghost story, and it's actually a nice, heartwarming one, things were kind of creepy for the rest of the work day (probably because of Higurashi).

Anyway. Apparently today is Astro Boy's birthday, so we're excited to celebrate it with the movie and cookies. Of course, we would probably be watching the Astro Boy movie soon anyway, but since we know it's his birthday now, we figure it's a great opportunity to have a mini-party! Yay! We'll also be having pizza for dinner, but that's not really very unusual. Eheh.

Um... I guess I should mention some of the manga we've been reading. Or more specifically, I guess I should mention Seiyuu ka!. Not unsurprisingly, it's the story of a girl who wants to be a voice actress, but has a terrible voice. This is made even worse for her by the fact that her goal is to be in Lovely Blazer, a series known for the adorable voices of its cast. Um... I don't have a whole lot to say about it, but we like it! It's cute, and the characters are interesting, and that's really all a shoujo manga needs, right? Oh! The main guy has a weakness for cute little animals, which is hilarious. And yeah. I think we'll be getting volume two. If we were rich, we might order the CD drama and get Yuu Asakawa to sign it at AX (since she plays the main girl).

It's funny how the cats trade places. Page was in here and Oreo was meowing at us from the hallway, then he came in here and Page was meowing at us from the hallway. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it, so I just laugh.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Astro Boy on Astro Boy's birthday, neat videos about Disneyland, actually having Oreo sit on my lap yesterday while I was reading Kieli, Pillsbury oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough being on sale when we went to Fresh & Easy the other day, and having an excuse to bake cookies tonight (as if we needed one... actually we probably do; we are so unmotivated).
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