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I'm ba-ack!!

I just remembered something! Hazel and Gat are both played by guys who played villains in the DN Angel anime! Not that that's important, but I wanted to overlap the DN Angel Saiyuki thing somehow.

There's too much anime. We're in the middle of seriously like thirteen serieses, and I'm still scared that we're missing whatever our favorite voice actors are in. We can only handle so much! And our hard drive can only handle so much! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

One of these days, we will know who those two other characters are in Hoshi-san's demo track at the Arts Vision website. One of these days...

Oh! And so I don't forget, since I didn't yesterday, and I think I should try to keep this habit up--things that make me happy!

I'm thankful for Genjyo Sanzo (Kazuya Minekura version), for telling people when they're being stupid, and making them stop.

I'm thankful for Son Goku (also Minekura-sensei version), for being so cute and adorable, and very much like Daisuke, only tougher, and not quite as nice.

I'm thankful for Sha Gojyo (again KM version). I tend to forget how much I like him, but it doesn't take much to remind me.

I'm thankful for Cho Hakkai (you guessed it), because he's the best.

And I'm thankful for Jeep, for being the other most adorablest manga familiar we've seen.
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